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Gripped by ALS, Social Justice Activist Ady Barkan Inspires With Story of 'The Best Hug I've Ever Had'

Gripped by ALS, Social Justice Activist Ady Barkan Inspires With Story of 'The Best Hug I've Ever Had'

Jon Queally, staff writer

How important is a hug? What's the value of 'precious beauty' in a world full of atrocities and deceit?

"[It's] the only way, I think, for all of us to persevere through the atrocities and the hate and the lies." —progressive activist Ady Barkan

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Hugs are from heaven! Whom among us cannot give more hugs? I think of giving them as part of my practice at becoming ever more grateful, ever more gracious, and hugging others while thanking them for something well done, or just because I like the fact that they did it.

My grandchildren love hugs, even as they wriggle to get away from them; they are laughing heartily. Then, when I am not looking, they hug me. My two-year-old grandson gives me that look that says, “Papa, you didn’t hug me yet!” It is so endearing that I cannot resist opening my arms and waiting for him to jump in! Does he do it every time? No! That is another part of it: he is learning to manage his own agenda! Whom among us does not need more practice on this one?

My eight-year-old grand daughter borrowed her mom’s phone and texted me: “Thank you, Papa, for that checkered shirt!” I wanted to hug her for that; it is good to feel the urge. Feeling things also needs our practice! Whom among us doesn’t need to feel more delicately?

Of course, we can abuse hugging. Many are the ways. Again, are we being graceful when we do it?

Look for at least one new person to hug daily! And one new reason to hug someone near and dear yet not hugged for a while. Be generous with hugs! Of course we will not hit 100% success, in this or any other practice; yet, 50% more than we are hugging now is YUGE! Practice is like that. It is also a gift from heaven, and we get to give it to ourselves - more is better!


The Democrats have become so politically correct that if you touch someone at all you face a harrassment charge.
Nothing is going to change until we return some kind of manufacturing economy and progressive, redistributive taxation.