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'Gross Abuse of Authority': AOC, Pressley Join Probe Into Trump Use of Predator Drones to Surveil Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/07/gross-abuse-authority-aoc-pressley-join-probe-trump-use-predator-drones-surveil

Good luck with that.


Since the Patriot Act was implemented in the wake of the hysteria after 9/11 there has been constant ‘mission creep’ and the surveillance culture has grown large now. It’s way past time to put an end to the Patriot Act, but this will require more than just getting the GOP out of power, it will require Democrats to stop worshiping at the altar of greed. MONEY OUT OF POLITICS NOW.


Let me know when Nancy considers it a problem. Until then it will just be looked upon by the democratic establishment as more ravings from the petulant (children of color) in the party.
Nancy loves the police state, as the police state is part of what has made her and her husband so rich.
Needless to say, until the entire Democratic Party stands up and says enough, the surveillance state will continue to do what the government (and especially the democrats) authorized it to do.
Next time you are spied on, I suggest you go inside and eat cake.


Do not interrupt the Orwelligasm! Embrace it as you should.


Americans have stood by while our military employed the use of drones overseas killing “enemy combatants” and civilian men, women, and many children. Now our government is using drones to spy on us. How long before they are used to kill Americans? So, NOW, Americans may start thinking drones are a problem? To many, there’s really no problem, until it is their problem. Chickens coming home to roost.


The Mexican wall seems to be moving north.


What are these Congress people doing about sanctions on Venezuela—and I mean making it a real issue . They had Juan Gaido there at the state of the union and Pelosi was standing and clapping for this CIA puppet------How many children are dying today in Venezuela because of US sanctions Mrs. Pelosi???

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Harvey Wasserman said it’s our “Imperial Vulture come home to roost.”

Richly miscellaneous technological and tactical components of the federal attack in DC have given USAmericans little sips of the medicine we so generously dispense all over the world.


Next step in post 911 ratcheting authoritarianism —

1. We’ll see predator drones dropping tear gas and flashbangs.
2. Then anti-crowd rubber shrapnel anti-crowd bombs.

Police are already armored-up like the military in battle zones. It’s only a matter of time before weaponized ground-based drone vehicles are deployed…

Unless Americans get to the poles and permanent vote out all Republican fascists replacing them with Progressives.


The term “Gross” has defined this man’s life since birth.

Expectations of anything different are not going to happen.

Police State? Yep. Police economy? That too.

This, from a paper written in 2007 by Samuel Bowles of the Sante Fe Institute. Everyone should read the full seven pages so I’ve included the link to the PDF at the bottom.

The extent of guard labor depends on exactly
what you count, of course. But by our preferred
estimates (which we explain shortly), roughly
one in four in the United States economy is now
engaged in guard labor—providing security for
people and property and imposing work discipline. Since 1890 the guard labor fraction of the
United States labor force has increased four-fold.
And in Sweden today the guard labor fraction is
less than half that of the United States.
Homeland security is not the reason for the
growth in guard labor. Despite recent increases
in military spending, the international security
contribution to the guard labor fraction is down
sharply, to less than a third of what it was 40 years
ago. Police now considerably outnumber those
working directly or indirectly for the Pentagon—
a first since our data series begins in 1890.



They need to vote out regressive Dems too. Here in NM we just voted out some of the most regressive and powerful Dems from our state senate, replacing them with progressive candidates. Give me hope for the rest of the country if the progressives organize.


Not enough caffeine -

Polls, note poles. Duh. My bad. Also duplicated anti-crowd.

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Why is it wrong to use these things against Citizens of the United States of America , yet it ok to deploy them against Brown peoples and Black peoples in every other Country on this Earth?

This things fly over villages in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and so on on a daily basis. Do there people not deserve freedoms from the same?


Got that right. So effing sick and tired of the angst and worthless foot stomping by the dims. chuck and Nancy seem ok with it all, so why worry?

As soon as Trump and his fellow Republican, Fascists can get away with it!

This is the perfect moment for Dems to be out front with these activists/protesters. Yet,. not a single one is there. Not AOC or any of her Squad. Not Sanders. Certainly not Pelosi or her posse of Conservative Centrists. Where are the Independents? How about the Gays/Liberals/Progressives/LGBTs? Don’t tell me thy’re there and not getting any ink. The DP wants to win, have their return to power but won’t do what is necessary–Why is that? Because they don’t giveaf*** about the will of the people or racial injustice.

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Yeah, instead of building the Wall on the Mexican border, Trump is building it around the White House.

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