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'Gross Domestic Product': How Street Artist Banksy Turned Bizarre Trademark Dispute Into Fundraiser for Migrant Rescue Ship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/01/gross-domestic-product-how-street-artist-banksy-turned-bizarre-trademark-dispute

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Gross Domestic Product was met with curiosity and excitement in Croydon on Tuesday

The New Thing! The New Thing! Give me More! Give me More!

Humans are morons.

(Does that make me both a misogenist and a misandrist?)

From the article:

“I still encourage anyone to copy, borrow, steal, and amend my art for amusement, academic research, or activism,” he said. “I just don’t want them to get sole custody of my name.”

There in a nutshell is the only legitimate application of copyright. Live long and prosper, Banksy.


But Oatsraw:
Banksy is a wonder with an exciting mind, and with ethical behavior baked into him. I love Banksy-----he has a wonderful mind and I love his art too. He also has a wonderful sense of humor-----a quality lacking in so much of the word. : )


and The Title is So Appropriate.

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Yes, I understand. My point is that people are responding to the display in the window as they would for any Wonderful New Thing that they Must Have!

You do see the irony, right? I mean, given that it is Bansky.

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And do you see what irony means?

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i’m wrong, your right.

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OK, so this is just my imagination. But I like to think that Banksy’s real name is Robin Banks.

The world needs more people like Banksy. He’s the real deal. I absolutely love this guy.

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Your comments are beautiful, Stardust. Banksy will triumph along with the rest of the decent world, but I fear Oats will never realize what he is.

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Hi Oatstraw::
LOL, but I think they are responding to the great humor of [Banksy…give the People credit, Oatstraw! : )

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Hi Mary_Grayeske:
LOL yes, and the"ad" copy is wonderful and gross at the same time. ; )

LOL # 2, I love this part of the copy “where art IRRiTATES life.” That’s very funny. And so welcomed too, —so take that, corporate America and corporates of the world! : )


Hurrah for Banksy !!!

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