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'Grotesque and Dehumanizing' Conditions of Border Facilities Detailed in Photos and New Report by Inspector General

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/grotesque-and-dehumanizing-conditions-border-facilities-detailed-photos-and-new

Wondering when trump gives the order to gas them all. History is now repeating itself.


Shades of the “bankok hilton”.

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Pelosi and other enablers of this fascist in the White House.

You have crossed over into the dark side. Yes, I get it…long time coming and all of that.

But what is happening with this Administration is way beyond anything that has happened before. This Administration is stoking a wide movement of HATE who are completely okay with what is happening (ignore those that just scream FAKE news, as they love what is happening but take their cues from the fucking fascist as how to run cover)

And then you have Pelosi and her ilk. Who have POWER and who know 100% the horrors occurring, of how this is far beyond the horrors of how immigrants have long been treated including during the Obama Administration.

But this is much worse. Pelosi protects a fascist from impeachment, a fascist who’s mantra is that the press is “the enemy of the people” (and no Trump isn’t making relevant critiques of MSM…yes I know it’s complex but so much of getting to the truth of any matter is working through such complexities of intent, agendas, etc…oh yes, and what and who’s principles, philosophies, etc), who absolutely praises and encourages militarization of the police in culture and equipment (renewed the equipment program of military hardware going to police depts that also occurred during Obama’s term) and who has stoked with rhetoric, policies, appointments and Administration the power of HATE among the emergent base base of rednecks, racists, misogynists, militias, and fundamentalist Christians of the type that would execute individuals of the LBGTQ communities.

And all of this happening before our very eyes…mass surveillance, an Administration carrying out cruelty while the MSM actually serves to normalize all of this…so much of fascism is here and a vast infrastructure of mass surveillance, militarized police, corporate prison complex… that can ultimately serve a full throttle tilt to authoritarianism and the worst American nightmare of Empire come home…and what is happening?

Corporate State Democrats “reach across the aisle seeking compromise”. Call a special session of Congress Nancy? Have the witnesses to these atrocities appear at a public hearing while subpoenaing Administration officials who are committing crimes according to international law and US treaty agreements? Oh no…just repeat “children” 100 times while uttering effectively meaningless platitudes, get an agreement to get notified of any kid dying withing 24 hours…and limit stage one of their hell and effective torture to 90 days until they are shipped off to some new horror.

Meanwhile…I’m certain Nancy and her ilk will have some very expensive dinners, hang out with their millionaire friends, and continue to strategize on how they will keep millions suffering not having access to medical treatment by crushing the Medicare for All movement being pushed by “socialists”, “extreme leftists” and those who would “take away insurance provided to them by employers” and other bald faced lie soaked strategies.

Cluck them all.


Good article from bbc:

I don’t have words for how I’m feeling about all of this. I mean I do, but I don’t.


If you haven’t already called/emailed your reps and the WH, please do so and denounce this behavior in no uncertain terms.


Not to cluck my own horn here…but have done this almost daily of late. A lot over the years, but now seems the most futile and at the same time, most vital. Oh, happy birthday…cluck!


It started with dairy cows, cattle beef and chickens getting horrible treatment with hormones, cows eating dead chickens and chickens eating dead cow meat mixed in their feed, etc…disgusting practices. They also treated prison inmates like animals violating their rights with total disregard to their human dignity, human/civil rights. Now the same people are applying similar barbarisms to the mostly Mexican migrants and their children who have been heartlessly separated from their parents. Americans better put a stop to these practices because next in line are the mentally ill, the poor and the elderly irrespective of their race targeted to receive similar treatment in the hands of our American for profit corporate subhuman beasts.


I agree that the system is NOT broken. It’s the system we’ve had in place for decades. It uses the same tactics to deter, humiliate and punish any group viewed by our corrupt government as a drain on corporate profits. You sure as hell don’t have to travel to the border to see this policy in action. It’s how we treat our own poor and homeless. Even today, Trump was expressing disgust for the homeless because they make him look bad when his dictator buddies come to visit. Just a matter of time before he rounds them up and places them in one of these concentration camps.


They came here for freedom FFS. In the last village at which I worked in Bolivia the school had a mural of Che Guevara. There was a reason for that. I am currently reading William Blum’s (1995) Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions since World War II. It has shed much light on the dark nature of empire. This Fourth, I shall cover my dog’s ears from the idiocy of the “celebration of freedom” ejaculated from my neighbors’ yards in complete, willfully ignorant bliss. Dog bless us one and all.


It’s pretty shitty right now, but it’s good to remember Trump is not a popular president. Despite media normalization—rolling tanks through DC is totally aboveboard and a great show!—most Americans don’t support him. He has lost some important battles like, apparently, putting a citizenship question on the census, a purely hack effort to deprive people of representation in DC.

Dog Bless Your Pooch. And You Too Owl.


Since most US citizens at this point aren’t actually considered constituents of “representative” government, the oligarchs invested in the end game of bringing Empire home and of the end game of wringing every last drop of life for profits from the masses through privatization and “austerity”, and ultimately criminalization of poverty and impri$onment…his unpopularity doesn’t satiate my concerns in the least. Appreciate the effort to take the edge off my concerns.

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A Big Thank You to Ayanna Pressley for telling the g d truth and speaking over a crowd of racist hecklers.

Well, this might make you feel a tiny bit better:


Thank You, Very Accurate. Well Done.

Furthermore, we are only looking at the Immigration Atrocities.

Failure to IMPEACH goes so much further.
This administration is untenable in every area requiring government supervision.

And Still Pelosi covers for her Co Conspirator Trump.

That’s great…now perhaps Levine can pressure what’s-his-face to accept and investigate Trump’s NY State returns. I don’t buy his rhetoric for not doing so. As if, going about investigating those returns could hurt this effort.

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Indeed true !

Since, precisely, November 1963, Dallas, Texas.

That was a coup - the American version of Caesar crossing the Rubicon.

I would like to believe that the American electorate is not so totally destroyed that they cannot throw these monsters now in power out on their fat touches - from both parties and then some.

Historical studies suggest strongly it is probably too late for ‘creative saviors’ to fix things. JFK saw the light and was in fact one of these creative saviors, with a belief in international law and the United Nations especially.

He and his brother(s) were effectively eliminated - and no one from those times will ever be able to erase that memory, and what it meant.

If not creative saviors, eg Bernie Sanders, Warren etc…, then what ?

The system has proven beyond doubt that it will eliminate any person who is a real threat.

Now what - are there any alternatives to politics as usual, or must we watch this ‘idea’, this experiment in democracy - perish ?

This one’s for you WiseOwl…and your pooch.

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