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'Grotesque, Deadly Failure': Trump USDA Under Fire for Allowing Millions of Pounds of Produce to Rot as Food Insecurity Surges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/27/grotesque-deadly-failure-trump-usda-under-fire-allowing-millions-pounds-produce-rot

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Will the MAGA mob turn against their leader if they are starving, i wonder.


Marion Nestle discussed the implosion of food-distribution systems yesterday. The problem with what they’re gearing up for at the moment (too late): They’re planning to dump goo-gobs of product in bulk form on foodbanks which have no facilities for, you know, cutting it up and packaging it? About a week ago Jeffrey St. Clair wondered whether an entire country can qualify for a Darwin award.

Oh, and there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at Safeway’s distribution megahub for southern Oregon down through half of California. That’s a lotta Safeways.


Central planning is anathema for the right wing regarding food banks; they suck hind teat behind Wall Street banks every time.


Good question, given they is as they is, “WE” will probably be in their sight’s, not dear un-leader.


That is the result of “the marketplace”, privatization, defunding public-service entities, and institutionalized greed being the central force of government like this fraudulent criminal farce trump regime - without such oncern for the most vulnerable at a national level there is no nationhood, no just or “great” society, no unity; and no justice, only an every person for themselves mentality beginning with the government, and the rich get to exploit the crisis using their wealth to rob the populace, as usual in all these situations. Wealth must be limited and taxed for the Common Good, no dynasties of vast wealth tolerated, no off-shoring essential public and manufacturing tolerated, and government (hopefully) NOT by corrupt malignant complicit capitalist scum and pigs-at-the-trough, like this odious corrupt regime, concerned only for their own and crony benefit.


Ok. USA can get 1st prize with UK as the runner up:



I was wondering what the hell was going on. Just another govt agency corrupted and crippled by Republicans. I saw the food left to rot and the long lines of people needing food aid and I’m like, is nobody going to put 2 and 2 together here? If anyone is curious what govt looks like when it’s shrunk down small enough to “drown it in a bathtub” as Republicans love to say, here it is. The utmost in failure and stupidity.


Well you never know. Either way i am sure they will be nasty.

Here’s an edited version of what i posted in another thread:

It is not unexpected, but still, bizarre, living in the worst-led country on Earth, where “leaders” act as if they want to sow chaos and civil disorder, with millions of deaths.

Refusing international cooperation; rejecting proven workable solutions; promoting non-solutions and toxic fantasies; egging on gullible dupes; propping up billionaires while taking no action to prop up food supply chains or personal income for common people.

The looting class, looting. That’s their expected response to disaster of course, so maybe the rest of it just follows from that.

But they are not going to be super happy with their looted billions when the ruined country collapses in violence… Or will they be? How depraved can they actually be? Is Stephen Miller still around somewhere? Well, yes, Miller is still advising Trump…


I would add to that the point that such is exactly what we would expect when an economy is founded upon greed (unchecked “self-interest” and nothing more), and a society ostensibly founded upon reason and justice is actually founded upon fairy tales and stratification (class privilege), with a stubborn insistence that humankind is something apart and different from nature (including our own nature, individually and collectively) and thus entitled to treat it as a plaything, or worse, as an enemy to be conquered.


“act as if”?

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When you drive people off the land, force millions to seek work in regional population centers, create city-states, and then play them off against each other with giveaway tax incentives; jeez, the state coffers empty and future revenue forecasts go down. And, wages go down because of the concentrated labor surplus, too. Well, duh…The working class has no money in reserve to absorb price spikes and emergencies. Food lines form as the produce rots in a field 200 miles, or less, from the hungry and even those who can pay the freight bill.
Commodities, which service large debt overhang and are market subsidized, are grown at the expense of meeting demand for basic staples.
The crisis started 60-70+ years ago and keeps accelerating thanks to Agri-Business interests. Of course, government tax policies foamed the runway, every step of the way. To benefit the few!
Now the plane crash exposes the weaknesses in the system of distribution, and the subsidization of 2-3 cash crops and industrialized food production. A market mismatch of epic proportions, not availing itself to make quick adjustments, as circumstances on the ground change. People without money will starve, their children will become ill and worse, because of bad or no planning except tax and estate planning, of course. Which the rich willl exploit.
So it goes…


I know “Hunger Games” was fiction but c’mon Trump admin, do your job and plan.

Lysol will end the suckers future.

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Ah yes, “Agri-business.” When I was growing up in Oklahoma in the 1950s and 60s I often heard the slogan, “The small farmer: Backbone of the nation.” (At that time farming was the second largest industry in the state, after oil.)

On a bicycle trip in August of 1972 I happened to pass through Strasburg, North Dakota, the birthplace of Lawrence Welk. The reason I remember that detail is that in Strasburg I also saw a sign reading “Agri-Business: Backbone of the nation. Earl Butts, Secretary of Agriculture” (under Nixon, who was in the news when I picked up a paper a few weeks later in Richmond, VA).

In addition to the disconnect between the first and last words on the sign, it was the first time I had seen or heard the term “agri-business.” Even then I was appalled, having already figured out that something had gone terribly wrong in the Land of the Freebooters.


The MAGA mob won’t be starving. Their leader will advice them to shoot and eat progressives…


Brilliant! I hope all this failure on the part of the feds finally moves us to engage in state and local government for our solutions.


Looks like we’re all New Orleans now.


If anyone had any doubts about them taking steps to kill as many as possible by different actions or lack of actions, this is just one of many supporting that conclusion.