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'Grotesque, Deadly Failure': Trump USDA Under Fire for Allowing Millions of Pounds of Produce to Rot as Food Insecurity Surges

There’s this disaster in meat packing to add to the mess:
“Tyson Foods executives said in a full-page ad that the closure of food-processing plants due to the coronavirus is “breaking” the supply chain. In the ad, published in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, board chairman John Tyson warned that “the food supply chain is breaking," saying farmers will be left without anywhere to sell livestock and “millions of animals — chickens, pigs and cattle.”

“There will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed.””
-The Hill, April 27

  • #WhereIsTheUSDA?!

Also to BE our local government, and at least to be participants in our state governments. Travel is most educational, but as with almost every aspect of life and society we (meaning “they”) have taken globalization to an absurd and dysfunctional extreme. Routine transcontinental travel will soon be mostly unfeasible, and we will find that with modern communication, if it survives, our lives are the better for it.


Not seeing too many “news” stories about food insecurity or supply chain breakdown.

I do keep seeing news stories about small businesses getting back to work, and every one of the small businesses they show have “oodles and oodles” of ear-loop masks to give to each and every client and worker in their shop. Excuse me for being incredulous… but there ain’t no ear-loop masks to be found anywhere in the United states. Where are they getting these masks???

Since my wife will be needing PPE masks for her work once they release the stay at home orders in our state I tried to find some PPE masks this past saturday. I went to 2 local grocery stores (fry’s and walmart), 2 cvs pharmacies and 2 walgreen pharmacies - I found no masks and no gloves in any of them. Since I am a persistent sort, i also talked to the manager at each store to find out if and when they will be getting masks. All of them told me a similar story of having put in orders for masks every week for the past 6 weeks and having received zero masks, nada, crickets.

I then went online to search every major outlet for basic ear-loop masks - the only place i found any was on amazon. But the only thing they have left to order - with a mid-june to early july delivery date - are china made masks of “dubious” quality for $1/each. The ratings are horrific. I did find some price-gouged real 3m masks on ebay going for $3-4 per mask.

I don’t know, maybe the states are selling the masks to small businesses within each state??

if you know how/where to purchase a simple ear-loop face mask please let me know.

In the meantime I am suggesting a new Hashtag challange –


Can you find a facemask???

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Make your own. That’s what people have done here in Oregon.


Most of the masks that WERE on the shelves, including at building supply and hardware stores, were sent to health care facilities so as to lose as few front-line caregivers as possible. Jessejean’s advice is the best recourse. My wife has been sewing frantically for a couple of weeks, partly to keep her daughter in law and HER patients covered. If you don’t have the skills or access to a sewing machine, ask around for someone who does. There is a lot of information online about how to make and wear an effective mask. Read AT LEAST three articles, because there is a lot of mis-information, with better and more comprehensive information appearing daily.

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Guess i’ll have to borrow a sewing machine.

I’ll do that right after I finish building my chicken coop to raise chickens and finish planting my victory garden for fresh produce.


What the rest of the world thinks of us has bearing on global cooperation in existential matters like climate change and wars, etc. Imagine what they must be thinking of this dying corpse of a country. In France, Germany, China, Korea, Japan, and others they have bullet train systems, better high speed internet connectedness, health care for all. I can’t imagine any of these countries dumping milk on the ground, plowing crops under the earth, or letting vast amounts of food rot, all while thousands are lining up at food banks for handouts or going hungry. Capitalism is grotesque. Capitalism is cruel. Capitalism is inefficient. Capitalism leads to moral decay and the exultation of greed. There do exist countries who are having difficulty feeding their people and violence is erupting as people will fight before they starve. Fasten your seatbelts and brace for impact. As we re-open states, the second wave of infections, or some other calamity, will show that we are even less prepared for disasters than before Covid, because the oligarchs have raided the treasury and eschewed putting money where it matters.


Think of it as learning a new survival skill. It may come in handy later, maybe not as much later as we hope.

Interesting article. The need for farm workers to pick crops so they don’t rot stands at 90,000. Britain is scrambling to devise ways to fly in immigrants to pick the crops. Meanwhile, as of February, 1.36 million Brits are unemployed. Perhaps they should put those people to work picking the crops and doing the jobs that I’m sure many Brits felt were being stolen by immigrants. Doing so would likely lead to Brits insisting that wages for farm hands be raised to a living wage. Naw, let’s just fly in immigrants so they can pick the crops while we hate on them.


It still seems stupid on their part. Their wealth is based on being able to exploit this economy and all of us and the land and resources that are fed into the machine. When the machine is a crushed and burning hulk, it won’t continue to churn out more wealth for them to steal. Like killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

i think they are stuck in their own paradigm and can’t stop themselves from continuing on the path they are on, even as that path enters into widespread disaster that impacts the very reasons they think they are on that path.


I have read articles detailing that the US government has been confiscating masks and other PPE shipments destined for companies and institutions ( Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word. LA Times). Several articles talk about how FEMA is confiscating shipments of corona virus supplies that were ordered by HOSPITALS! Who needs the supplies more than hospitals? In addition, there has been no information forthcoming indicating what FEMA is doing with the supplies and where they are stockpiled. The US has also been stealing shipments destined for other countries as has been reported by those countries. What is the US government doing with these supplies while healthcare workers and the general public cannot get them? My guess is that they are hoarding them for the wealthy to use while they purge the world of a large number of people in order to get the population down to a level the earth can sustain, maybe a billion or so.


Yes. Inertia isn’t limited to the realm of physics.


Don’t forget your motion detectors and sniper perch for when the hungry come to loot your garden and chickens.


When Nixon went to China, the small well-managed farm, and farming communities, went with him.
Global power plays, containment strategies and " real politik " by The Empire; a recipe from Wall St. that posioned a lot more than just the land and water, eh?

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My chickens are going to have fricken’ lasers on their heads!


I don’t imagine this book will have any effect on them:


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No one in America should be going hungry at any time –
especially children where we have the schools to help provide food to needy
families with children – and to supply meals for children at the schools.

Why not use the schools as a supply center to feed hungry impoverished families?

This isn’t about supply – it’s about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And supply families with foods should include fresh vegetables and fruit –
you can eat celery without cooking it – you can eat raw carrots – and snap peas.
You can eat bananas and apples and oranges – they’re a necessity for life/health.


Those in power – as has happened before in this nation – pride themselves
now on NOT responding to the public will and the needs of the people.
It’s planned chaos, bringing states and the nation to bankruptcy.

This will continue to happen as long as we allow Elites/corporations to control
our lives by BUYING our people’s government from treasonous representatives
who have put our government up for SALE in both parties.


This is why things like the Holocaust in Germany and the McCarthy Era
happen but MEDICARE4ALL doesn’t happen –

The public finds is impossible to believe the murderous and suicidal nature
of Elites/wealthy and our government dedicated to their service –


It’s outlined pretty explicitly by NAZI propaganda purveyors: People just will not want to believe that their “leaders” could be so outrageous; it is psychologically and emotionally easier to believe the lies of the propaganda.