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Grotesque Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is


Grotesque Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is

The orange perpetual deception machine, caught in more yuge lies on Sessions and Russia, is again frantically spinning and disassembling and distracting, this time with triumphant tweets about "JOBS!" It's a timely reminder of the utter vacuity of his much-touted "core principle" - cue teeny hand motions - of "Buy American! Hire American!" - which it turns out he hasn't done with wine, ties, suits, towels, T.V.s, hotels, pipelines, plane parts or anything else.


By this comparable time when Obama first started, he had already signed bills including stimulus. This moron thinks he is still campaigning. Other than destruction and bragging, what has been accomplished for the good of the people? Oh wait I forgot it's all about him.


Note that Trump says "STAMPED Made in USA".

Expect to see a lot of foreign made pipe stamped "Made in USA".

Trump's stacked regulatory agencies will smooth over any fraud allegations.


"As a so-called president". In parliamentary democracies modelled on the 'Westminster' system the leader of the majority party in the lower house of parliament can genuinely be referred to as the 'so-called prime minister' as that office is held by convention not by law. Tenure in the office depends day by day on the support of either the parliament as a whole or the majority parliamentary party caucus of which the 'prime minister' is the elected leader.

However in the U.S. there is nothing 'so-called' about of office of President. The office has real executive powers given to it by the Constitution - powers unlike anything granted to an single office or individual in a parliamentary democracy. Pause for thought on the 'world's greatest democracy' hooey? Probably not.


Shoddy, smarmy, arrogant ... welcome to the sub-culture of the maximization of 'externalized costs' - otherwise known as 21st century colonization methodologies that result in undermining of the rule of law, the integrity of mathematical models, genocides, destruction of biomes ... etc... AND DO NOT FORGET!! ... ALL OF THIS MUST REMAIN IN A CONSTANT STATE OF EXPANSION.

What we now see is the mid to late stage inversion dynamics, turn anything and everything inside-out, upside down and torque it with the lithium grease of Bernays.

Be prepared for snapping points any day of the week. Love your fellow creatures, neighbours, community and strengths of engagement.


"spinning and disassembling", I'm pretty sure its dissembling (hide under a false appearance). I whole-heartily agree we have a fecal matter on our hands!


Many Trump voters, according to recent polls, are saying that they are pleased that Trump is keeping his campaign promises. Well, I can say the same thing! Trump has definitely kept one promise: to keep on lying to us!