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'Groundbreaking': Healthcare Providers and Residents Celebrate as For-Profit Hospital Returned to California Community

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/groundbreaking-healthcare-providers-and-residents-celebrate-profit-hospital-returned

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I apologise for horning in on this thread. but there seems to no one speaking about this. My rant is two fold. First, it was reported today that 200,000 people were killed by opiates last year. I was wondering if the used guns, knives or hammers to kill people. OH,that’s right, pills can’t kill people. Only people can take those pills, thereby killing themselves. Sometimes stupidly, and sometimes unaware of the danger they face.
Personal responsibility folks. My wife has been prescribed morphine for 25 years without incident. She takes it as scripted and doesn’t vary. It means that these drugs don’t kill people, misuse kills people.

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An interesting book is “Chasing the Scream” by Johann Hari. It humanizes the ridiculous war on drugs and shows it for what it really is.

Amen gandolf!

My dad was taking opiate pain medication for the last 20 years of his life without incident. Any medication is a tool. It is all about using tools responsibly.

My feeling is companies pushing opiates combined with irresponsible doctors out to make a quick buck created the drug epidemic. Not responsible patients and doctors.

And most recently the FDA, CDC, and the insurance industry all have their big monkey wrench.
Hard to get any relief with that army against us.


Those are not armies Buddy, they’re “Hordes of Thieves.”

I wonder what the hospital sold for originally.