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'Groundbreaking': Rep. Ilhan Omar Praised for New Resolution Affirming Right to Engage in Boycotts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/17/groundbreaking-rep-ilhan-omar-praised-new-resolution-affirming-right-engage-boycotts


Rep. Omar, thank you for protecting my rights. My representative could care less about them. YOU ROCK!


My rep is 3rd Way Brad Schnieder. So, yea, metoo


I can hear the Racist Republican and Faux News screams of “anti-Semitism” already. AIPAC will contact all their Washington buddies to make sure this puppy is drown in a bathtub before it sees the light of day.


Hopefully Lewis will do the right thing and withdraw his name from the restrictive bill.


Israeli leaders (and their US cohorts) are destroying the prospects for a two-state solution, one illegal settlement at a time.

They clearly know these settlements make a meaningful Palestinian state impossible, but incredibly, continue to blindly race over the cliff towards a one-state solution.

Those who wish to save what’s left of the chances of a two-state solution should be supporting BDS, for it might change the calculus of leaders locked onto this course of national suicide.

As recent history demonstrates, all the military power in the world (and/or official US support/cover) cannot counter effective international isolation.

Israeli officials know this quite well, which is why they fear BDS so deeply, and have spent so much effort here and abroad vociferously fighting BDS.

Everyone knows that BDS will either save the two-state solution by encouraging Israelis to stop building illegal settlements, or if they continue, it will facilitate a one-state one like it did in South Africa.

Either way, BDS provides the best way to move forward in order to change the status quo.


Mine too. No matter what issue I bring to Grothmann’s attention I get blown off because I don’t fit in the right- wing philosophy. These people are brain dead, trunk-to-tail idiots, or just plain selfish.


Boycotts should go down as an equal to foreign sanctions. If one is righteous then so should the other be. Support both sanctions and boycotting, or disallow both. Certainly we should be open to all dissent, so option one should rule, both being supported.


Sanctions are used by the powerful as a military weapon against the less powerful while boycotts are a means for the less powerful to band together to try and force the powerful to change their ways. I don’t think you can equate the two. Boycotts are constitutionally protected (until the Roberts court says otherwise), sanctions are not.


The Israelis know full well that the only chance they had to continue as a democracy was to go to a two state solution. They didn’t want to do that so if they conquered the West Bank and absorbed it into Israel, they had to do something that denied the legitimate residents the vote. The Likud and their allies did this with their declaration that Israel is for Jews only. Thus they became a theocracy and gave up any pretense to democracy.


Under our constitution, this shouldn’t be needed, but here we are.
Kudos to Rep. Omar, bill sponsors, and all of the Jewish based groups who support this legislation.


Just citing a fairness doctrine we might want to follow. That’s the way I see Omar’s resolution.


And South Africa might very well be falling into civil war. Also a case of the legacy of dispossession by colonizing forces that thought nothing of obliterating entire societies.The entire planet needs to address dispossession - in all of its forms.


It really is a brilliant resolution; and, speaks volumes about Omar. I hope CD keeps us informed regarding who attempts to fight this.


Sanctions oppress a population, boycotts address the corporations enabling the bad behavior.


Pretty disgusting though, isn’t it, that someone like trump wants to punish a country, it’s people, and it’s leader, for selfish political bull scat?

There goes that US-hating godless Islamic communist Omar spouting antisemitism again!

But seriously, besides promoting BDS, I hope that this resolution gets people at least thinking about repealing the Taft-Hartly banning of labor action secondary boycotts.


Yes it is, but saying so helps nothing. I can match a disgusting Democrat action for every disgusting Republican action until everybody gets bored.

WE must start voting positively, and for only what we want, without concern for party. We see advancing fascism exactly because most of the votes go to the two parties who are delivering it. Voting against one side merely gives the other side the inside track on the “contributions” of the oligarchs.

Vote Democrat and you ratify the terrible policy leadership of Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the Blue Dogs, and neo-cons. You can’t vote Democrat and be perceived, where it counts, as a political force against the actual policies they help put in place.

I don’t know what policies you want, but The Green New Deal, pretty much covers what I want, and the guy who wrote it is running. Only two of the Democrat presidential contenders offer a significant subset of that Green New Deal. If one of those two isn’t running, there is zero chance for me to lend my political power to a Democrat running against most of what I want. That said, it would be a great temptation, on an emotional level, to vote against the Dems if they run one of their Hillary clones.


Boycotts make more sense than sanctions, actually.

In a boycott, people voluntarily avoid purchasing from some entity.
In a sanction, people and nations get bullied into not purchasing from some entity.

The first is an operation by groups of individuals against some relatively organized power. The second is an action by organized power against smaller entities.

A declaration of policy against government-instituted sanctions would also make sense.


Even a meddling Russia?