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'Groundbreaking': Rep. Ilhan Omar Praised for New Resolution Affirming Right to Engage in Boycotts

Gary Peters, US Senator from Michigan actually believes that the underlying purpose of BDS is to deny Israel the right to exist. Peters is “supposedly”’ very progressive, but guess where he gets his talking points on BDS? If you did not guess AIPAC, you are wrong. Washington insiders are clueless!


The little exposure I had of her so far, she seems to be very bright, all 4 of the newcomers do really.

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I’ll say. Very canny of Omar to affirm the right to boycott – which should be as American Pie as feeling miffed if the government (unconstitutionally) orders citizens to purchase health insurance. Either the government can tell you what to buy, or not… very tricky for self-styled “conservatives” to mount their usual mock-outrage over an infringement by mere working stiffs on bureaucratic perogatives. (Watch how that Bakersfield scum handles it – he’s another master of sanctimonious hypocrisy.)


Meddling in foreign elections is American as war.

The actual proof offered is absurd. When it comes to internet activity, absence of evidence really is evidence of absence. The NSA can produce every communication. The hacking charge is bogus. As for the facebook ads, they were merely everyday trolling to find stupid people to sell to vendors of stuff stupid people buy. They weren’t timed to coincide with the election, and a judge just told Mueller to stop claiming a connection to the Russian Government until he has proof.

The whole issue is nothing more than a diversion from the abject corruption of the Democratic Party as controlled by Clinton partisans, and pushed by the same media which fired an anchor for trying to cover Bernie’s campaign, or which passed Clinton advance questions to be asked in the debates with Bernie.


of course everyone has the right to boycott anything they want, I try to avoid products made in states that elect terrible politicians and after the last election there I stopped buying Australian wine. But taxpayers have rights too, and I don’t want my state government to give contracts to (large enough) companies that engage in racist, anti-Semitic or misogynist behavior. I think singling out Israel for boycotting is clearly anti-Semitic. It is also counter-productive since it just polarizes the situation even more, making compromise by all sides, the only real way to improve anything, even more difficult.

Yes - let your emotions deliver the US into fascism.

If you can’t see the defferece between the present-day Republican Party and even the worst democrats, you are a fucking idiot. And yes, Dr. Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, and “The Squad” would all call you an idiot too.


It’s nihilism dressed as progressivism, often served with a dash of sanctimony. The same strain of thinking worked well for communists in Germany in the 1930s too.

This truth about “Russian meddling” needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Of course no matter how loud it is shouted there will be plenty of democrats (and voters that believe them) will be hiding behind how it “undermined’ the election.”

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Sanctions are war. Boycotts are voluntary people power.

End all sanctions and subsidies.


Try voting for your man right now at autonomousDemocracy.org

There she goes again. Making those neoliberals squirm. Where will they get their “Benjamins” from if things like this pass.

Hey, leave Trump out of this.

Ilhan is more “American” than most people with birthright citizenship, including DJT and most Zionists.

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If you think you didn’t lose ground the last time these democrats held all the power, you are either a member of the 1% or just oblivious. This has been true for ordinary citizens since the 70’s. If Trump is so bad, why don’t they start impeachment hearings? I wouldn’t be part of a party that did nothing about Trump - it would embarrass me to support inaction, when there is such obvious need for action. A see the Republican party as an effective wrongheaded political force. They set the agenda even when they’re in the minority. I see the Democrats as interested in reelection as job 1, and there is no job 2. I forgive you for calling me an idiot because you are clearly half-blind and just lack perspective.

Which other nation has succeeded in taking US citizens’ First Amendment rights from us & pay jackals to LEGISLATE anti-Constitutional strictures against private businesses, taking our jobs, educational grants; restricting any dissent, protest or whistleblowing… so a foreign state can rob, indenture then simply murder a segment of their oppressed populace? Not that AIPAC, al Saud and the Atlantic Council are less scary than the multinationals. But, they do seem to hire Israeli spooks, spies and cops to spy on our every thought, here?