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Groundbreaking Study Shows 'Deep Listening' Over 100 Times More Effective in Winning Undecided Voters Away From Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/groundbreaking-study-shows-deep-listening-over-100-times-more-effective-winning


100 times 0 equals zero.

Also, there’s a 50% mark down from all the originally 200% marked up items in the store! On sale now! Only during our end-of year blow-out sale!

Marketing is so fun! Rubes galore! Some go for the “Yell in your face!” pitch, and some go for the better get it before the other guy does scam, but who knew you could actually talk to deplorables and win them over with intellectual opinions about how what is being shoved down their throats is good for them?

This 200 lb (thanks Norm) bag of crap is JUST what you need because it’s not as crappy as that other 220 lb bag of crap! Sure, it has all the same flaws, plus some that are even worse, and it’s not really what you want anyway, but when you buy it, you’re not really buying it per se, you’re just not buying the other bag!

Come on DOWN! … or not. Hey, we’ll come to you and talk softly, and warmly, and ensure you that our product is the one for love. It’s all about love. Vote for Joe. Vote love in 2020. Who wouldn’t vote for love?


Anyone who still trying to figure out why white people, particularly the poor ones, have loyally voted republican for the last 52 years hasn’t been paying attention to history. In 1964, as LBJ signed the civil rights and voting acts into law he blurted out that, by signing those acts into law he had “just lost the south for democrats for at least a generation.” Prior to 1964, poor dumb white people, in the south and elsewhere, were loyal democrats (Dixiecrats) as they saw the Republican Party as the party of the rich and the new snooty middle class suburbanites. And they knew that Jim Crow still kept black people from voting at all. All that changed before LBJs signature was dry. Dixiecrats changed parties and poor white people and particularly blue collar men, abandoned the Democratic Party in droves, never to return. And both groups did it for the same reason, old school craven racism.
Flash forward to 2020. Trying to figure out why poor dumb white people vote for republicans is like figuring out why fish swim. They just do. They have to. It’s in their bones.
And let’s stop trying to pretend that there is such a thing as an “undecided” voter. Even among those who claim to be independent, when you look at their voting history they almost always support the same parties and ideologies. It’s a myth to believe that millions of people change from Republican to democrat, and vis-versa, every election cycle. It just doesn’t happen that way. American elections are not decided by those who vote. Haven’t been for some time. No, they are decided by those that don’t. The numbers bare this out. When voter turnout is good, progressives win. When it is light, conservatives win. The breaking point seems to be 53-55%. If turnout is lower than that, Trump will win. If it’s higher than 56%, he won’t.
Maybe someone should explain that to Tom Perez.


Small note to your interesting post: the south were Democrats because Lincoln was a Republican, and Lincoln beat them in the “War Between the States.”


That was a large part of it, yes. It’s a shame that many in the south still think of northerners as arrogant rich “elites” that look down our noses at them.
But you have to hand it to the old confederacy. They committed to playing the “long game” and now just look at what they have done to the nation. Can anybody now state, with any confidence, that the Confederacy didn’t really win the war?


What are we going to offer them? The entire middle class is being written out of the American dream by stealth.

If politicians arent actually going to do anything, to get us out of the job and policy space killing trade deals, something we know Biden wouldn’t even think of, and Trump is bullshitting about too, all the listening in the world isnt going to help. A sellout deal is a sellout deal.


So, should people resign themselves to living in a cardboard box?

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“Deep listening,” do the idiots who come up with this shit even hear THEMSELVES?

OMG. How utterly patronizing. How arrogant and simultaneously stupid.

Here’s what is brilliantly radiating off of your feckless sales pitch:
“Because we were raised in an era where we would rather txt each other than glance across a room and have a verbal conversation, we’ve put together two words that are intended to invoke what people used to mean when they said understanding: “deep listening.” Isn’t it cool? We know it sounds odd in a world where tweeting is how we navigate from distraction to distraction, but we just want to let you know we appreciate your attention, however ADD it might be, and that even though what we’re saying might sound confusing to your simple minds, you’ll surely understand if we say it slowly, with enough repetition.”



The southeast states did not have blue collar men when LBJ signed voting rights act.
Manufacturing was midwest, california, Mass., NJ, NY, and PA.

And all these were democrats and most union and paid the democrats fund raising at every level from town, county, judges, state and national.

The white guy southerner is not blue collor until the 1980’s to take advantage of mexican cheap labor.
The WGS does not show up for work on time, takes too many days off, and does not manufacture high quality. The southern woman is opposite, a saint in every respect.

Deep conservations do work to change minds.
Listening carefully to the speaker permits them to try out various ideas without being criticized.


“Fake listening”

“Fake caring”

This is a false flag operation intended to alienate potential crossover voters - many of who are in dire financial straits - away from the Democratice Party, even as they are dying in large numbers from horrible “leadership” the goal is to signal to them they wont get any improvements from Biden.

This is a sham like no other.

Big and Wise use of government built the middle class.

That expansion of what we all have been indoctri-NATION’d into believing is U.S. History of a nation that always had an enfranchised Muddle Class that took higher education for granted only began as the NEW DEAL was sputtering out after resisting Predatory and Unregulated Caputalism.

Also, after the late U.S. entry into WW II spurred Wall Street as the Perma War economy tends to do by ramping up Corporate Welfare subsidized production. What General turned President Ike lectured U.S. too late on the way out of his 8 years in the White House during those sleepy yet Cold War ravaged 1950’s, namely the Military Industrial Complex. Interesting how that replaced in General and then President\Commander In Chief Eisenhower’s mind the Dulles Brothers’ and Hawkish Liberal Establishment’s designated monolithic if depleted enemy of the Pinko Evil Empire Commies. Them who actually sacrificed life, lands and limbs over decades of HOMELAND RESISTANCE to help defeat the NAZI and Fascist axis of the early through mid 20th Century. Look up who the first ANTIFA forces were…

The latter leading to financial innovations=financialization, while also doing long-term environmental damage manifest first in the DUST BOWL then in the growing economic reliance on Wildcat Oil Drilling and other extractive industries that externalized the true costs of the fabulous wealth of genocidal loons like Leland Stanford, the Carnegies, Mellons, Rockefellers, Gettys, Koch family and other “smarter” wealth hoarders like Henry Ford whose fortunes were built by the Industrial Revolution, but expanded into trans national empires by the born-on-third base layabouts who lived off the investment portfolios.

Those diversified investment portfolios and diversified economy did lead to real growth and a hard-won expansion of the Muddle Class without resort to China style despotism and totalitarianism, but like most wealth in this food chain of life it rests precariously on the backs of the poor.

Unlike our current Richie Rich CEO, serial corporate bankruptcy protection-seeker after even the House Lost in the casinos he built with Russian Mafia and global oligarch capitalization networks (hello Deutsche Bank) and ran into the ground along with his luxury-branded housing (see the Trump Tower Baku and his investment partners in the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard), mail order steaks and Trump University vendor stiffer, failed branding artist and administrator deluded enough to believe in the loyalty of the grunts for his own self-serving and Public Interest is for suckers commanding modus operandi as COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

Old School wealth was comprised of productive businesses that mostly contributed to increased and better employment and those investment portfolios were diversified enough and in later generations Public Interest minded enough to withstand the laws of economics and the family physics of individual and institutional corruption. Like inflationary spirals\deflationary spirals and other constants like boom\bust cycles. Even a Red Baiting Commie Hunter like Richard Nixon came from modest lower-class roots and was wise enough to build a partially impressive career by dressing up socialist principles as Good Government rather than BIG GOVERNMENT or branding it a NANNY STATE.

When after his Naval Reserve service (which he chose not to evade by playing the Pacifist creed card of his belonging to the Quakers) Nixon began his Public Service career in Washington working for the OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION: ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Price_Administration

Foreshadowing the Republican Party REVOLUTION THAT WAS NOT TELEVISED. Where the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Global Traders calling themselves Neo-Cons overthrew Nixon’s more pragmatic Paleo-Cons angered as Washington’s big star on the Cold Warrior Academic Propaganda circuit, the weaponizing Godfather of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics and demonizer of BIG GOVERNMENT and THE NANNY STATE little Miltie Friedman opposed Nixon’s response to runaway inflation and the OPEC Big Oil war-fare at the gas pump and economic stagnation with the ECONOMIC STABILIZATION ACT of 1970 including government Rent Control, Interest and Dividend Control, Wage controls including Executive compensation etc. : Read this and reflect it was instituted by a very different GOP: ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_Stabilization_Act_of_1970

Where were the Big Labor backed Democrats as Nixon like the House of Bush and Trumplicans later STOLE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT natural issues from the Party of the Wage Slave and Blue Collar workers and common folk?

Oh, and one even tougher factor to measure and quantify, it is more an art than a STEM science, realizing when institutional corruption has reached critical mass. Knowing when the benefits of the Protestant Work Ethic’s version of the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION with its understood demand for constant investment=productivity=infrastructure=solid foundation=expanding middle class as a society’s hedge against the loss of value of even reserve currency and hoarded concentrated wealth derived from Robber Baron cartel dynamics via inflationary cycles, monetization and other laws of economics reflects diminishing returns for the Public Sector (see Austerity Policies attenuating the taken-for-granted expansion of the Middle Class).

Are we really ALL IN THIS TOGETHER or as Leon Russell and George Benson sang in and under “This Masquerade” when we seek subsidies from the NANNY STATE and to boost the pushed paper speculative stock market of Private Interests rather than the Public Interest?

Or, is it the case that GREED IS GOOD as Wall Street insists and co-opts via their Privatization of everything. Including public investment subsidized if Corporate Looted cyber-space and U.S. telecomm markets via their anti-competitive=anti-trust captured broadcast and mass communications system & signals meme, known by its dba in Uncle Miltie Friedman and the Chicago Boys Corporate Welfare and heavily subsidized Imperial Campus salad days of the Cold Warrior Gray Propaganda machine-driven campaigns as THE MIGHTY WURLITZER? Trademark may become VERIZON or ALPHABET dba GOOGLE or MacroSoft or APPLE or BOOK OF FACE… Reconvene the Shoshana Zuboff\Naomi Klein COMMON DREAMS\INTERCEPT sponsored online Public Forum, Summit Panels and Town Hall meetings…These are not only the pandemic plague days but the towering erection of the Rise of Surveillance Caputilism Age of Implicit Decline…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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First of all, having a conversation, (you know, the precursor for written language) is a practice that is hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years old. Unless, you were born with a phone in your hand, and can’t get past 25 characters without losing your train of thought. It. is. not. GROUNDBREAKING. This “study” sounds like something out of an instructional booklet for the naïve, and youthful door to door peddlers of the mormon church.

Secondly, to quantify listening with “Deep” implies this is a special case: What, you normally only pay superficial attention to people?

This is like Kamala Harris saying the things she said about Joe Biden in the debate were only for the theater of the debate. “What?! It was a debate!” I usually mean what I say, but this was a debate! Hahahahaha! I’m only disingenuous when I’m on stage for heaven’s sake!

“C’mon man. I hear what you’re saying, but there ain’t gonna be any Medicare for all.” That’s some deep listening there.

As is “I have no empathy for Millennials.”

Or how about “You fat….”

Yeah, tell us all about deep listening.


In order to get real progressives to vote for candidates, they need to actually be progressive, meaning they have to break through the GATS wall. I dont see the DNC doing anything of the kind. I see both fake parties as trying to divide the country. If any political actors were actually progressive we would see them rattling the bars of the GATS cage. Thats a good litmus test, if they are actually progressive, they arent silent on the theft of democracy. They don’t pretend its before the sellout deals.

I’d be wary of the staying power of these “conversions”, but beyond that, why is so much time and effort being spent on the hardest voters to reach, and not the many millions who simply need a compelling reason to vote?

Why try to change minds, when so many largely agree with a broadly progressive agenda, but for a variety of reasons (the perennial betrayal of the DNCistas chief among them), don’t see voting as a way (one way) to achieve effective change?

It’s easier to focus a mind than to flip it.


Given the state of extreme fakeness, in the political class, this is a cringeworthy title.

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No, really? ~https://www.laweekly.com/a-message-from-the-arrogant-liberal-elite/

War is the result of failure to communicate. Win, won, hmm, perhaps the hostilities stopped momentarily, but nothing more.

i’ve often thought how much better the u.s. would be without the ‘conservative’ bible belt southern states sk®ewing our politics.

actually, i think this article is good advice for those who can follow it. problem is i also suspect that there are many like me who find it near impossible to generate any understanding or empathy with ignorant and dogmatic ‘conservatives’, and harbor extreme doubts based on past experience that engaging in deep meaningful conversation with them is even possible. we just exist on 2 completely different wavelengths.