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Groundbreaking Study Shows Organic Diets Drastically Lower Glyphosate Levels in the Body

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/groundbreaking-study-shows-organic-diets-drastically-lower-glyphosate-levels-body

What this article omits is the ubiquitous use of glyphosate as a desiccant for predrying crops prior to harvest for uniform moisture content and further processing. It also omits the use of glyphosate as an antibiotic in the CAFOs, you know, the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations that bring about these pandemics like the H7N9 with a 30% death rate. andsoitgoes…


Eating locally grown organic food is perhaps the very best thing you can do for your health.

Don’t trust labels of internationally shipped or sold food, its no longer required to be accurate.

US labeling laws may not be so good either, because of “hamonization” the ability of companies to advertise differences in how they grow food or stick by them is being destroyed by treaties and organizations such as the WTO that are forcing a raceto the bottom on standards and regulation of all kinds. Even on wages.
To advantage the huge mega firms that use dirt cheap labor and disadvantage family farms of all sizes and kinds, all over the world. It seems to me, stepping back that they are trying to drive all but the biggest firms out of business.

Its literally a war going on against regular people everywhere by corporations…

They just pretend to care.

See ~https://iatp.org and ~https://bilaterals.org

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Crickets? As evidence becomes ever more clear, scary and NOW the issue’s going to get FAR worse, very quickly with bilateral obsequiousness from “both” parties to enable all agribusiness, PhARMA and multinational food distribution conglomerates add a whole panoply of poison-resistant GE monoculture crops (and promote use of multiple herbicides to dessicate wheat, oats, rye, sorghum, garbanzo, peanuts, potatoes, legumes…) helping giant corporate farms while cross pollinating, then suing small/ family open pollinated, organic, regenerative growers (already facing fracking brine irrigation, soil microorganism, tilth, toxin problems largely caused by underegulated industrial agriculture & CAFOs.

Just imagine EITHER party educating or ALLOWING folks to know what we’re gavaging kids (or what organic means?) They’ll likely arrest poor organic consumers and just shoot farmers for patent infringement or saving outlawed seeds?

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Glyphosate is now found in rainwater which demonstrates the lunacy behind Monsanto and Big AG commercial farming.

Education, let’s start with teaching our children in the classroom and through the school lunch programs the meaning and benefits of organic. Which would also spur and support local organic farming economies across the country.

Also, glyphosate disrupts the gut microbiome, bad news!


First time I’d used it was to descale “reclaimed” natural gas linepipe to ultrasonically inspect the weld. We had to read a SCARY MSDS about kidney damage and suit-up in gloves, respirator & now it’s in BEER, kid’s oatmeal & our sinsemilla!

And, it’s about to be joined by LOTS of friends (assured by ISDS panels) regardless of who’s elected, since we’ve no choice). Thank goodness nobody apparently gives a shit?




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