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'Groundbreaking' Torture Charges Put US Rendition Tactics in Spotlight



Mazigh is right when calling for accountability with regards to US/CIA officials who sent Arar to be tortured and those in the Canadian gov't. who, true to their cowardice, acceded. The RCMP however, an arm of the state, will never look closer as a true sense of justice eludes them.



will you torture me?
If I take your hair in my fists
and rip it from the root
will you give me a bath
and never allow me to breathe?

If I slap your father
until he cries
and you are too stunned and desperate
to shout, will you walk from the village
into the sea
and hope the whales swallow you?

The world is full of bruises.
We send them a rose
black as soot
and murder our friends to keep
our enemies from telling our secrets.


None of this matters

when submarines and ice breakers
churn the Arctic, and walrus bones
crush under oilrigs and guns.

If you torture me will I tie you
to an armless statue and watch you sink
into pus before the entire square?

Will the mercenaries appear in helicopters
and split my nephews in half as easy
as cantaloupe? Will their brothers be condemned
to seethe in the dying countries
that were never countries
until what would be stolen for gold
was uncovered and given
to the sheik and the banker?


I have fled this world in my pain

and so have you, and yet we can still inflict
the gross morality of our drowning
and commit the refugees
to the oceans
where we have murdered albatross and seals

because that is what our god calls for?
because even Zeus and Hera tore the wings
from the caryatid daughters of Thebes
and rode the centaurs down into the graves
of what we held as magic
and divine so divine yes divine?


If I kill you will you kill me?

I have given you this kiss, secretly, in the cedars
back into the little littered paths nearer the waves:
we have collapsed on our knees before one another
and taken each other tenderly
until we came

and then ran
all in secret terror of what we love
denying even this: that our children would be graced
with the armor of our hate
and we hate
what the mirror blasts us with
nothing else,

as if what we see
is something other
than who we are.


If you torture me

will I moan for the rest of the days of the earth
when the entire shape shifting geology
of home
plants our lies across the masses who move
a great beast of the want we created
when we stole their songs
and their rivers
and their sons
as if we were not related?

Will I torture you
or will I tremble before the tender parts
of what I have lost
when I was less than king and you
were more than a blip
on the screen of my want
something to be moved
and that had to be fed…

was it blood we really wanted?
It is everything we have left.
If I drink
will you?


In my view, our nation has been triggering horrors in other countries for decades and only getting worse. We have got to stop invading, disrupting, dismantling, destroying lives. If there is a need for us to employ force, we, as a nation should have to approve it first.


And Bush,Cheney and company still go scott free.


I wonder if other national police forces will do the same for their citizens who were "renditioned" and tortured in places like Syria, Egypt, Poland etc.


We have to end the reign of the CIA -- and the rest of the intelligence industry --
which has been controlling our affairs since the end of WWII.

This is the Pax Americana JFK stood against -- warned against.

It's a threat to freedom and peace everywhere.

The majority of Americans by huge numbers -- 84%+ -- stand against our wars --
and stood against them even before the wars. Internationally, the numbers are
even higher.

The will of the people has long been ignored by corrupt leadership in control of
our people's government.

The courage of this family benefits us all. They are correct that this has been
an effort by the intelligence community and W/Cheney/Rumsfeld to make torture
seem normal and acceptable. It is NOT acceptable -- ever.

Those responsible should be imprisoned.


Please be reminded that any Canadian government that hands over people to the American system is a government that supports torture.
The Harper government supports this practice, so Canadians that vote Con support torture. If you really DON'T support torture, vote to show you mean it. Centrist politics has become corrupted!