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'Groundbreaking Win for Our Movement': Progressive Cori Bush Upsets Rep. Lacy Clay, Ending 50-Year Political Dynasty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/groundbreaking-win-our-movement-progressive-cori-bush-upsets-rep-lacy-clay-ending-50


I celebrate each incumbent removed. They’re the ones who got us here.


And may Biden profit from her example.

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Is everybody starting to understand now? One of the largest coalitions of democratic voters are African Americans. They have their own caucus group. And that caucus group is very conservative.
If it weren’t for the loyal center/right congressional black caucus the Third Way would have never been able to take control of the Democratic Party. The black voting block has kept almost all progressive legislation from consideration in democratic circles for the last forty years. And of course, the black voting block has controlled who the democratic nominee for president is since 1992, making damn sure that no progressive candidate stands a chance.
Just look and listen to the example of yesterday. Another progressive black woman (the horror!) beat another black Dino who had spent his entire career huntin’ and fetchin’ for massa, forever promising to black America that they need to be patient, that they need to change the system from within.
And now we see where black America is today. Their leadership sold out a long time ago. I know this won’t be popular, but John Lewis was an example of how the Civil Rights movement was co-opted and assimilated into the modern center/right Democratic Party. At some point, Lewis, and many others, made the fatal political mistake of believing they can change the system from within. It’s that or they simply sold out. Either looks pretty bad as, by almost any measure, black Americans are today no better off than they were prior to LBJ signing the civil rights act. They are because their leadership, people like John Lewis, sold them out.


The Democratic Party will not change until progressives outnumber the Nixon republicans. And as long as Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are breathing, that will not happen.


Joe, did you know Uncle Tom Lacy Clay, one of our lackeys, has lost his election?

Joe, ain’t that the man that delivered the pizza last night!

This is great news - and the first time I’ve ever wanted someone named Bush to win. Congratulations on her campaign and nice to see Bernie helping. Next up is Ilhan Omar facing an “Empire Strikes Back” well-funded establishment backed primary opponent.


Down goes Clay! Down goes Clay!

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I’m glad she won. Thank you Bernie for endorsing her and campaigning on her behalf. This shows that at least some people will vote for Medicare for all. Too bad voters all over the country hadn’t been given the same chance, but this may at least get the ball rolling a bit more.


Just an FYI: In the preliminary count, Rashida Tlaib is up by a pretty big margin over her establishment-backed challenger in Detroit.



i had the privilege of voting in a Fascist primary yesterday (i live in a “safe” Fascist state, so to make my vote count, i registered as a Fascist, so that i could at least try influencing who their candidate would be); i was very pleased to find a candidate running openly as a “Republican Socialist.” That candidate won’t win the primary, of course (not in my state!), but the idea of socialism is gradually making headway.


Hurrah for our side.

48.6% win over 45.5% I do not consider a “slim margin”.

And lastly who is the hypocrite accusing Bernie of “political trespassing”? Maybe the phrase would fit Jim Clyburn more appropriately.

The tide is turning. Retention is crucial so get behind those progressives up for re-election.


This is how it works out: Bernie does some really great things, like being reviled by Dims as the only one to stand with Cori Bush, and some awful things – which don’t need to be listed for the benefit of resentful Commons correspondents. I’m grateful for things like this, for sure!

This race was close enough that Sanders’ endorsement arguably made a decisive difference.


And we’d mostly thought, there’d be 25-30 AOC, Tlaib, Omar or even Pressley progressives elected; so we could pretend there were “great down-ticket candidates” once Sanders got crushed along with M4A, GND, BLM, $15/hr (again) & Koch’s wholly-owned DCCC subsidiary installed yet more “identity” libertarian reactionary crooks, to assuage ofay liberal guilt?





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Nancy’s sweating but not over The Squad – chasing those big corporate donors is a workout for Pelosi.

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I applaud your bravery for saying things that should be said and than more of us need to understand,

I applaud what BLM is becoming and what it is accomplishing. Recently it’s done things very, very well and I hope its movement, while remaining centered on combating racism, can grow and expand to encompass more of the political and economic reforms our country desperately needs. I don’t see any alternative movement that is better positioned to do so.

However, BLM got off to a very poor start. It first got attention for hectoring Bernie Sanders over reparations. BLM and the black leadership are as much responsible for Trump as are Trump’s racist white supporters. Has BLM expressed any issue regarding Biden’s or Kamala’s positions on reparations?

As you write, the Democratic black leadership is interested mainly in growing and maintaining its own power. It has little to no concern for the well-being of their community, much less the country as a whole. Lewis (and, of course, Clyburn) is as guilty of that as anyone. It is aided by a horde of careerist black journalists who also have no sincere interest in anything other than exploiting their heritage for personal gain (Oprah?, Reid?)

While the older black community appears to genuinely respect its black leadership, younger blacks are more sophisticated. In general, they view Obama with nuance – not as a hero, but as a marker of a degree of progress – a start. I don’t know how the black community, old or young, regards Kamala Harris. To me she exemplifies a self-interested politician who puts her wealth and power above all other concerns.

The very fact that a majority of Democrat think that it is very important for Biden to have a black female running mate (no matter what her views and record may be) is emblematic of the deep problems (the “rot”) that infect their party.


Anecdotally, the vast majority of BLM protestors I talk to at marches in Detroit are extremely skeptical about the d-party, including the Black Misleadership Class identified by Glenn Ford and Bruce Dixon. And yes, that’s a younger crowd. They want to defeat Trump, but are absolutely aware of how much Obama let them down on police violence and many other issues. Their parents apparently just want to defeat Trump. The older cohort has gotten used to settling for peanuts – which is all the d-party has to offer.


This lady is a registered nurse. A welcome point of view now added within the House.

She has at least a four year college degree, experience.

She’s way above ‘working class’. However, a person can retain that W.C. attitude of working hard to build a solid reputation that is noticed and a promotion comes.

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Yes - nice to see Tlaib coast to victory … and Jayapal took 80% of the vote in her primary as well. I’m also watching Ihssane Leckey in Massachusetts district 4 as the only progressive in a crowded field running for Joe Kennedy’s open seat as he went to run against Markey on Sept 1.


Wonderful to hear! Also glad you’re out and about. I have numerous risk factors and am quite isolated. Fortunately for me, my fabulous wife has quarantined herself with me, so it’s way better than it might be.

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