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Grounded 17,000-Ton Oil Rig Leaking Diesel Near Rare North Sea Habitat


Grounded 17,000-Ton Oil Rig Leaking Diesel Near Rare North Sea Habitat

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A 17,000-ton drilling rig had broken lose and was blown ashore on Scotland's Isle of Lewis and officials warned on Wednesday that it is now leaking oil.

According to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), two of the four holding tanks aboard the Transocean Winner have been damaged and are releasing an unknown amount of diesel oil. The rig was reportedly carrying 280 metric tonnes of oil.


Another tragedy in the nation's oceans thanks to Transocean (remember Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico?) Makes me ill over and over again.


Basically the ocean is saying "get the fuck away from me!".


Is there a website that gives a full count of the world's ocean-based rigs, as well as those wells that have been abandoned? (It goes without saying that there may be many cases in which the information is not yet accessible).

I find myself appalled at the extent to which I tend to focus on the latest oceanic oil drilling disaster without an understanding of the full extent to which the world's seas are gravely, radically, and irreversibly being destroyed. Reports such as this most desperately need to be couched in the broader context if we are all to know the dire straits we are in and the urgency with which we must reverse course.


Watching the video, i marvelled at the world class safety and emergency response by Big Oil! :tired_face: