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Group of Mental Health Professionals Warn Trump's State 'Putting Country in Danger'


Group of Mental Health Professionals Warn Trump's State 'Putting Country in Danger'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A group of mental health professionals gathered at Yale University Thursday to discuss what they believe is their duty to warn the public of the "danger" posed by President Donald Trump.


This demagogue has ruined many lives during his time on Earth, including that of his brother whom he disparaged, denigrated, and bullied in order to endear himself with and capture the full attention and adulation he desperately sought from his cruel, self-centered father throughout his childhood into adulthood. He is driven by his own demons coupled with his MSM case of narcissism and psychopathy. He demonstrated throughout his entire campaign and before how hateful, vengeful, deranged, and unpredictable he is and, at his age, he will never change because it has served his purposes throughout: insatiable greed, pathological pursuit of power, and a sick addiction to adulation/aprobation in both public and private.


The ruling elite view him as vulgar but useful. He is after all a money man, but we have seen enough as pointed out here, to establish the fact that he is unfit to be in office.
I have a family member that suffers from similar problems with transient dementia and because he has always been a bully his behavior after the stroke is much like Trumps. It scares me knowing how much my family member misses and doesn't understand which leads to his out bursts of anger. Trump is meeting national leaders from around the world we have to stop this presidency.
Impeachment or any other means of removal has to begin and soon. We don't have time for maybe, Comey, or Republicans to see the light. We have to demand impeachment from our elected state officials. Loud and Clear, he goes or they go.


The problem with replacing a delusional, narcissistic, immature, Trump is that Pence is just as delusional in a different vein, namely he gets advice from God or Jesus, or something. I too had a major depressive event late last summer when I realized we were heading toward WW III and it didn't matter who won the election. I fell into what I call 'the deep dark rabbit hole' and almost committed suicide, instead, ending up in a mental hospital for a short time. Now I focus on spreading the word, to those that will listen, on the dire situation of the nation and Earth's inhabitants. There's no more time left to do something to halt business as usual which is leading into catastrophic disaster; by poisoning, warming, or nuclear war. They all spell doom. The entire psychology of the country is at stake, so some organization needs to speak up and psychiatrists could be a strong voice towards a more sane approach to governance. If not them, then who?


Nowadays, psychiatrists only prescribe and dispense medications. They don't talk with their patients any more. Social workers and psychologists are the ones who talk to patients with issues, nowadays.


Aw, let's give Don a break. It's exceedingly likely that practically every one of his Republican colleagues is in the same state of disarray.
As if his party (and most Democratic politicians) will care about this report.


I find it unethical to brush his faculties under the carpet. We are not speaking of the host of the Apprentice any longer.


Studies show that most successful CEO's share the same psychological profile as serial killers.

Direct Democracy


This is merely pointing out that the emporer has no clothes.


I've read somewhere once that these kind of people exhibit a "warrior gene" that helped humanity in its early years to form groups with a single leader. Shame that humanity in an ever evolving world can't slake off their attraction to an archaic gene.


It can't be stressed enough though. Especially since the media wants us to believe the emperor is wearing a full raiment.


I wish you ongoing recovery and happiness. These are very troubling, treacherous times and for those of us who are starkly aware of the madness, we burden ourselves with our own pain as well as caring for the fate of our fellow humans, creatures, all life, and our planet. We have to believe that our collective voices will be heard and our love for all life will triumph over this smothering evil.


It is generally unethical for a psychologist or a psychiatrist to analyse someone they have not seen, but there are extenuating circumtances; (1) When the person in question has a serious potential of doing considerable irrepariable harm. (2) When there is sufficent public information to make such analyses accurate. (3) When there are few or no other ways to prevent the person from doing great harm.


Funny how the government psychiatrist that examined me was able to have enough knowledge of me in less than an hour and decided I was a paranoid schizophrenic while thousands of psychiatrist can have all kinds of knowledge about Trump and refuse to speak out. I must have had a very courageous psychiatrist to have me declared insane. Amazing how working people are diagnosed in 50 minutes and rich people are fine after hours of observation by all the doctors in the world.


Trump is unfit for POTUS based not only on his mental health issues but on multitudes of illegal actions and serious conflicts of interest.


Your statement is incredibly comprehensive yet succinct. You nailed trump perfectly. It's amazing how he can be pathetic and outre dangerous simultaneously.

Great. So now what? Like this congress has enough brains and courage to remove him? And then what? Pence? Maybe not unpredictable like trump, but certainly more insidiously evil. Ryan if Pence gets bumped off his pedestal? Awesome. His wet dreams consist of winding clock hands backwards at warp speed. There won't be any such luck as beaming the whole line-of-succession creeps up, and they're all bottom dwellers in the swamp, anyway.

So now what?


As a mental health professional I have to say this unethical behavior on the part of these professionals is disgusting and dangerous.

It is not ethical to diagnose from a distance nor to diagnose anyone without their consent. The dangers of a political foe do not justify this unethical behavior.

It is entirely possible to gather and denounce the politics of Trump and his policies without putting on the mantle of mental health practitioners and engaging in this disgusting unethical practice.


This is getting pretty ridiculous. Twenty four people show up for something and it's newsworthy? In a nation of over 300 million people? Only 24 showed up? Pathetic.


Hip, I'm really sorry for what you've gone through, and hopefully, you've found a footing where you can function satisfactorily. The bad news is that you feel what most of us do, only more pointedly. The good news is that you have a lot of support, here, at the least. Plus, if you can detach for a few minutes each day, you can get some renewal or tiny bit more positive outlook (looking for "balance")........ I'm sure in the hospital, they taught you some renewal techniques like meditation, music, hiking, art, being in nature, etc. Turning to what feeds your soul will help you and us.


And your point is_________________?????