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Group Seeks to Expose Cozy Ties Between US Trade Rep and Wall Street


Group Seeks to Expose Cozy Ties Between US Trade Rep and Wall Street

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Citing his cozy ties to Wall Street banks, a group dedicated to exposing corruption and corporate influence in Washington, D.C. has submitted an official Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all correspondence between U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and the 10 largest U.S. financial institutions.


Get DOWN! Dig deep and give this slick little weasel no quarter-
Something good may come of this- I hope somehow these secretive and deceptive “Free Trade” Agreements can be smashed into A thousand pieces and flushed down the toilet along with these greedy bastards that are imposing them…


Deirdre is very charitable in characterizing Froman’s bias as “cozy ties with Wall Street”.

Froman’s professional history qualifies him for a firmly-embedded-in-Wall Street characterization.


Fascinating that the algorithmic technologies for high speed traders, NSA and their sub-contractors are so advanced and that FOIA administrators cannot produce a log of emails. Riiiiiight…

Never has knowledge of what is not being told ever been as important as it is these days. Especially because this as a practice has been the lifeline of the parties dependent on it FOR CENTURIES AND IT HAS NEVER FUNCTIONED as a fully evolving system of governance. Its dysfunctionality long portrayed as struggle for top economists to “predict” has been laid bare as the diastole /systole of a constantly expanding extractive pump being applied to virtually all phases of life. When it isn’t causing extreme and inhuman pain it is due to fears of the billions of people catching on to the evil ( especially ‘off the mark’) motivations behind the avaricious rationalizations of its hierophants.


Imagine another Snowden type NSA Whistleblower dumping all of the needed “secretive” dirt on dirt bags like Michael Froman and all of his Banker and Corporate cronies- There are probably many, many laws and rules not yet in place that are being broken here and the secrecy thing screams this out. Maybe just enough of “the rule of law” is intact to sink the deal! Stranger things have happened…


Mr. Obama really likes to get Wall Street and Rubin friends into areas where they can affect so-called
“trade deals”, which are actually international corporation grab deals. Obama has a fondness for big
bucks going back to his relationship with Penny Pritzker. HC has similar leanings.


This is a good start (like 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean) but the mechanisms of greed and theft from society to the 1% goes far beyond this particular shill for Wall Street via the “global trade” scams (NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, etc). Congress has consistently and repeatedly lowered the threshold for what are legally criminal acts and also failed to rein-in the revolving door between Wall St and TBTF banks, hedge funds, all the other financial parasites - in fact every government “regulatory agency” is corrupted to one degree or another by those they are charged with “regulating”. This kind of official corruption and “dual citizenship” is sanctioned and empowered at the very highest levels beginning with Congress and White House. It is an extreme rarity for elected or appointed officials to have the integrity to actually serve the people’s interests rather than the mechanism of global corporate fascism and vulture profits above all else.