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Group Slams Report of GOP Health Plan to Tax Workers While Rich Get Richer


Group Slams Report of GOP Health Plan to Tax Workers While Rich Get Richer

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The GOP's plan for repealing the American Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, reportedly includes replacing taxes on corporations and the wealthy with taxes on the middle class—forcing workers to pick up the tab for the cost of axing healthcare for millions of people, an advocacy group warned Monday.


And conservatives would try to claim that progressives have historically voted against their self-interests and killed the middle class- only to see the conservatives do this. All this time the real wolf in sheep's clothing has been the conservatives killing the middle class.


Again, the attempt to rob Peter to pay Paul will have a segment of the middle class, most likely white and Republican, resenting the poor rather than the rich. And so the meanness and selfishness escalates. The politics of resentment. Soon they will be clamoring to let the poor just drop dead and argue that it is the 'responsibility' of the individual's family to provide coverage if they are too poor. This is not conducive to either a healthy society or to a society at all.

Recalling when, lacking insurance since I did not earn enough for that and groceries but needing potentially life saving surgery, I received a large bill which had a tax attached to it. I was dumbfounded. I investigated and was able to track this tax to a particular Republican who refused to answer my phone messages. I dug deeper and discovered it was for the the very poor. It took years to pay off this bill and I did pay the tax. So, I wrote an open letter to the media about this and got some locals contacting me.




H.R.277 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): American Health Care ...

Can download to PDF 184 pages of gibberish and double speak. It is mind numbing .

It is mathematically impossible to provide all Americans with health care under the private greed and avarice system lovingly known as free enterprise, free market. Simple solution" Every American citizen shall have complete access to the American health care system. It shall be funded by such schemes as the Social security based on people's income. Any private hospital catering exclusively to the wealthy individuals shall post their cost for all services and shall not be allowed to participate in public funding. But but there will not be enough doctors and hospitals? Produce more. There are plenty of Hotel Dieu to go around. Will it cost more for a tummy tuck? YUP but if you get hit by a buss your covered.