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Group Vows to Expose Why Trump Ditched Flood-Protection Rule


Group Vows to Expose Why Trump Ditched Flood-Protection Rule

Julia Conley, staff writer

With tens of thousands of people displaced and many billions of dollars in estimated damages from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, an environmental group on Tuesday filed a formal request on Tuesday to discover why the Trump administration recently decided to lift flood zone restrictions designed to mitigate these kinds of costly disasters.


And he flew to SE Texas to appear preza-a-duncel with the accompanying photo op to look like he cares yet his actions belie his BS with the lifting of the flood protection rule a prime example. What can be expected of an empty-headed, cold-hearted diabolical dimwit? SOS, different day. His visit takes vital, life-saving time and money away from the officials/police/National Guard just so he can parade around like the pompous arse he is.

Meanwhile, climate change worsens every hour of every day of every month while deniers like the demented despot sit in their counting rooms stacking up their ill-gotten gains.


" Donald Trump claims protecting lives is his highest priority."

Probably a true statement, when you consider the source is a mentally deranged person that needs mental help, because in Trump’s mind protecting the lives of the 1% is his highest priority!


While I completely agree with this, I want to point out now that rains in some areas in the US are causing flooding in non-flood zone simply because too much is falling too fast and this is part of the climate change/global warming where there are unprecedented rains. No we shouldn’t build in flood zones - never should have. However, I point out that not living in a flood zone doesn’t make you safe either now. Many on news sites are blaming the Harvey victims for living in flood zones and there’s no reason to believe all the people live in flood zones.


Thirty years ago, James Hansen of NASA spotted on the basis of satellites that he polar icecap was shrinking and sounded the alarm. Only recently did Bill McKibben of 350.org get some of our attention (Trump is not the only conservative who is a climate denier.) It’s too late now. the planet is cooked.


Because our Dodo-in-Chief feels somehow diminished his predecessor’s accomplishments, he is systematically demolishing any of them he can. His efforts do not bode well for the future of our country. In the case of President Obama’s flood zone rebuilding regulations, it will be disastrous for our coastal areas. And it will cost lives. But that is of no concern to our Fake President. If this is his attitude toward our vital infrastructure, then his plan to turn over our highways to private corporate ownership will also include degraded standards for their construction. Not only will taxpayers foot the bill for future “pay to drive” interstates, but we can probably expect costly and deadly surface degradation and bridge collapses.


If it flooded, it’s a flood zone.


Then every neighborhood is a flood zone and not just where rivers can over flow and people who live below sea level. When you get a few feet of rain at any altitude you become a flood zone no mater where your neighborhood is.