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Groups Aim to Expose Bloody Relationship Between US and Saudi Arabia



The House of Saud effectively traded camels for Rolls Royces in 1933:

1933 Oil!

"Saudi Arabia and the U.S. establish diplomatic relations, and in 1933 the first foreign oil prospectors arrive in the kingdom. The Americans pay $170,000 in gold for land concessions that turn out to contain the biggest oil fields on earth. Ignoring criticism that inviting foreigners into the kingdom is un-Islamic, and citing precedent in the Quran, King Abd al-Aziz invites U.S oil companies to develop Saudi oil resources. The oil companies and the Saudi government set up a joint enterprise that later becomes the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco). Its shareholders include America's four largest oil corporations." (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/saud/cron/

The excerpt is from the text of a PBS documentary made by Frontline titled "House of Saud."

Thus the alliance was forged and the world has borne its consequences.


We grew up thinking that the greatest test for humanity would be to survive the nuclear age. We were complacent about oil running the wheels of our civilization and thought very little about it for the most part. It was an error of observation, we didn't look at what was right under our nose - that the true test for humanity would be if 7+ billion people used oil together that it would be disastrous for the environment.

Our real test will be to see if we can get off using oil. Yes we know that if we don't do that many terrible things will be the result including a potentially very inclusive Sixth Extinction. But will we do what is necessary?

Looking at the potentate - the Saudi King - a real king and autocrat just like kings of old , you have to wonder... why would he remove his source of power and wealth? Why would he say > I've decided not to be king - not to be fabulously wealthy - not to live like in the middle ages but with modern technology and convenience? Why would he voluntarily stop producing and selling oil?

Why would the other potentates - our fossil fuel ceos and our bankers, investors and mega billionaires voluntarily step down from their thrones?

Humanity's greatest test will be to overcome the greed that oil produced. The greed that oil sustains - the greed that using oil maintains.

The king of oil bombs Yemen and Obama talks about maintaining regional stability. Maintaining the throne of this king is what he means.


How can this ruthless, misogynistic regime ever be considered an ally of the USA , except in the minds of the War Party? They have bankrolled ISSL, which is trained and armed by the CIA/Mossad in Jordan, sent into Syria as "freedom fighters" until they had ideas of their own in Iraq... Play two sides against the middle, all for the MIC, that's the American way.


It does not matter how ruthless, misogynistic any regime is to the economic, elite that control Amerikan foreign policy, all that matters is that they are Amerika's ruthless thugs.


King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the same type of brigand as one of his predecessors King Fahd. Their ideas of Saudi interests is along the lines of Bush's "with us or against us" nonsense, and that all nations around them must either kowtow to them or they will be destabilised and swept away.

In that sense their policies are identical to those of the zionist regime.

But the Saudi regime is not a meritocracy. It is the ultimate family cronyism, and his family - especially his son the defence minister Mohammad bin Salman - is an inexperienced and incompetent asshole. Thus equipped, he started a war in Yemen.

The Saudis won't win this. They now turned the entirety of Yemen against them and sooner or later battlefield nous will win out. We just have to wait until Saudi is defeated for the next big upheaval in the Middle East.


Saudi Arabian Oil Fields are sucking seawater at high output. They are just about tapped out. Must be freshly discovered oil in Yemen, is the only thing that makes sense. The Seven Sisters are doing a repeat of Iraq's Oil Fields, is my guess. Psst, CIA: we need to invade by proxy this time!

God, I hate being right all the time.


Aramco huh. Sounds like a business front for some kind of arms for hostages deal! Naw, the US of A would never trade military arms for hostages, or anything else for that matter!


Any reason to obfuscate the REAL reason behind bombing Yemen: usurpation of fossil fuel resources...which is an accepted practice by any number of nations worldwide with the US leading the charge whose insatiable lust for oil, gas, minerals, etc. is legendary.