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Groups Appeal Seattle Judge’s Decision Allowing Shell To Use the City As Arctic Drilling Homeport



Yay Seattle. Shell should be put on notice that it will no longer be business as usual every step of the way. They place our Arctic at risk It is not their Arctic to despoil and ruin. They know there will be spills and even before they drill their sonic sensors will damage wildlife.(most likely echoing back and forth in the arctic basin). What they expect is that when there is a spill that they will spend years in court and settle and then appeal the settlement to reduce the penalty and then keep on with business as usual - drilling!

But the Arctic will not recover and all of this is for what? We do not need this oil, we can't use or burn this oil without increasing global warming. So why? We have more oil than we can safely use already so why?

The reason we will have spills in the delicate Arctic is because some investors will have a chance to make money before the world gets off oil entirely. They know it is on its way out and they want to make a killing now while they can whether it is needed or not.

They write the epitaph for the Arctic >>> It was profitable while it lasted.


Write On ! good catch on the improper use of the terminal.go on 'wich' yo' Bad Selves!