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Groups Ask Top US Spy: Just How Many Americans Swept Up in NSA Dragnet?


Groups Ask Top US Spy: Just How Many Americans Swept Up in NSA Dragnet?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In an effort to discern how many Americans are being swept up in NSA surveillance under a law that authorizes the agency to target foreigners overseas, a coalition of more than 30 privacy and civil liberties groups on Thursday demanded that U.S. spy chief James Clapper determine and publicly disclose such information.


In my dream, I envision everyone on the internet using social media to--on one specified day--send out suspicious messages to everyone of their contacts. I wonder what the National Snooping Agency's response would be?


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I continue to feel that we the people in the morass of ever faster changing technology will always inherently function, by every element of our physical/spiritual being, in relationship to those very elements also inherent in all natural life.
Language, as instrument of relationship, is in constant renewal while at the same time subjected to the dissociative divisions of technological ideologies having long ago scorned the vast spectrum of roots from which it has acquired its stunningly wasteful powers.
Becoming wise to the elements of such a dichotomy and the inevitable splintering of all that is not truly 'rooted', is both a challenge and infinite source of healthy strength. Where technology constantly touts 'new frontiers' we can see a reflection of its internalized legacy of all that has been 'externalized'. Ultimately a system based on that premise will, as we now observe, clamp down on precisely what it previously scorned in order to control, to attempt to retain access to the inherent wealth veiled as something unworthy of recognition. One need only consider the cynical federal configuration of Indian reserves/reservations as emblematic of life rendered a form of bank account and reserved value held for the convenience of future exploitation (eg-mining).

Jacques Ellul discusses a perspective he refers to as the Betrayal by Technology.


Good Article, and I'm glad to see some of our Iconic Civil Rights groups becoming very vocal. Every American regardless of affiliation or association or political group, needs to take pause and consider for a moment: Americans Donate huge amounts of money to every charity on earth. Americans donate little to nothing to protect their civil rights. Little To Nothing. Americans would prefer to donate money to establishing a Grant for African children to go to school, than to donate to one of our Civil Rights Groups, working to ensure our own children will be able to go to a school worth going to in 10 years. Or to ensure our Head Start programs will still be funded.

I urge people to donate now to your favorite Civil Rights Groups, AFL-CIO, ACLU Electronic Frontier Foundation, Democracy Now, and many more, these organizations are struggling to ensure our Constitutional Rights are not violated.
And as always to those who bring us the truth, many times at cost to themselves.


The whole operation would probably blow a gasket which is exactly what needs to happen.

Paranoia strikes deep.

Clapper has already committed contempt of Congress and lied to us before. So there is a great likelihood he'll do so again.


Didn't Clapper LIE TO CONGRESS a while back?!
Why (the "f") is he still in charge of the NSA?
TPTB make fools of us all. Sigh.