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Groups Call Time on Obama: Veto Congress' KXL Bill, Then Kill Project Outright


Groups Call Time on Obama: Veto Congress' KXL Bill, Then Kill Project Outright

Jon Queally, staff writer

With members who receive large financial backing from oil and gas interests playing the dominant role, the House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday evening which would force the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Having already been approved by the Senate, the passage sets up a promised veto of the measure from President Obama as it heads to his desk.


You have no idea how special it makes me feel to know that my Congresscritter is one of those Dems who voted for this POS.

Seriously, we’re seeing political theater at its worst. Nothing that happens throughout the rest of this session is going to make things better. If Obama succeeds in killing or even slowing down KXL then we’re just going to have more train wrecks.



Train wrecks or pipeline leaks, take your pick.
I prefer train wrecks because people notice those more quickly.
And since people die in train wrecks, train operators are more likely to try to make sure they don’t wreck.
An out of sight pipeline leak could leak for awhile before anyone ‘notices’.
We already know how diligent oil pipeline operators are in detecting these things. “oh its the Titanic, it won’t sink, pass me another beer…”

Of course though, if i really had my choice, we’d all be reducing our usage of fossil fuels and make this whole business go out of business and so there’s be no interest from anyone in piping tar sands fossil funk.


I wonder what riders the Republicans attached to their bills (House & Senate) to be vetoed along with the pipeline. Such riders will no doubt be used to smear Obama when he vetoes the ultimate bill. It is a silly game we let them play…


What is totally off the radar screen is the subterfuge of the Koch brothers and big oil exploring an alternative route north from Alberta to ship the tar sands, filthy oil from Alaska.


The production of tar sands oil is an environmental train wreck. Pipe or train the result is the same.


Compromise: The Pacific NW is facing a barrage of fracked Dakota oil/gas export proposals transported via Warren Buffett’s BNSF railroad lines. Those fuels could be instead piped south and distribution domestic rather than exported.

Reducing consumption of fossil fuels for transportation is achieved more effectively with plug-in hybrid vehicles rather than all-battery EVs, Tesla etc, and hydrogen fuel cell EVs. To reduce fossil fuel consumption, consumers must have a specific choice and an economic incentive to drive less. The Plug-in hybrid offers that choice.


Why in the world would Obama want to kill this project?

This has been a political rainmaker for the environmental movement and has given the president more support and cover than any issue in his presidency.

This pipeline has brought together farmers in Nebraska with Texas ranchers, and every single leaf eating group in the country. It has provided a continuous protest in Washington DC, ever reminding the right wing that there is a left wing and a right wing concerned with the environment.

We need a dozen more fights like this that attract at least as much attention.


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