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Groups Challenge Louisiana Permits for Formosa Plastics' Giant Petrochemical Complex in Cancer Alley

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/groups-challenge-louisiana-permits-formosa-plastics-giant-petrochemical-complex

Formosa Plastics is not to be trusted. Trust me, I live in Formosa. This will be another boondoggle just like Terry Dog (his surname should be Romanized as Guo, yet he somehow chose the romanization of the Mandarin word for “Dog.”) swindled Wisconsin with the bull-crap promise of a factory–not his first time, and not Formosa Plastic’s first time.
Both Foxconn (appropriate name) and Formosa Plastics are lying dog-faced pony soldiers.

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I question the wisdom of investing in fossil fuel derived plastics at all. Humanity is on the cusp of spurning them both. Formosa should consider another line of work/investment.

If the environment doesn’t bite back too hard, too fast, we will suck every drop of oil from the ground. When the oil is gone what if the drill sites caved in due to lack of support. Whole countries on the coasts sink a couple of feet, allowing the newly melted ice to raise the sea levels even faster for those now lowlands.
Plastics will not be forsaken. Rather, recycling laws enacted to stem the pollution?

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Congrats to these brave and committed citizens on their courage. Standing up to the World Killers is daunting. But the more we do it, the more we and the Earth win. These are impressive s/heros.