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Groups Challenge Wyoming's 'Downright Un-American' Censorship Laws


Groups Challenge Wyoming's 'Downright Un-American' Censorship Laws

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A coalition of advocacy groups filed suit in Wyoming on Tuesday, charging that the state's recently enacted "data trespass laws" are unconstitutional, undemocratic, and "downright un-American."

"It's clear that Wyoming’s agricultural industry looking for a way to silence its critics, and the state legislature went along with the plan."
—Travis Bruner, Western Watersheds Project


So, okay, I've lived in Casper WY twice, both times for years, it is an amazingly wonderful place to live but when the Federal Building downtown is named the Cheney Building what would you expect? A friend of mine there went to high school with D. Cheney, he didn't think much of him then or now. It's all about control, Cheney still lives in WY, it's his. Any questions?


Cheney: " A whole difernt breeda cat, ya might say!" And a particularly nasty snarly back-alley-lurking or junkyard cat, too. Wherever he goes, he leaves a trail of scat and a rancorous odor. He remains in Wyoming because no other state will have him...well, maybe Wisconsin (Walker) or Florida (Scott) would let him in.


I'd comment on this, but my bowels are rumbling and I've got to take a Cheney! :wink:


"Any questions?" Yes, why don't they banish the monster?


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Wyoming has opened a Pandora's Box that will be difficult to shut. It is a little more difficult to keep the people down than it used to be.


I grew up in Wyoming (Torrington) and couldn't wait to escape! :smile: My father was superintendent of Fort Laramie National Historic Site and is officially turning over in his grave seeing how far the state has fallen! :scream:


How about all the way to Fargo? :-)))


I'm now in Phoenix and miss Casper A Lot, all flashing yellow traffic lights at 9pm, deer in the street's and all the bird life, 30,000 people and when you left town you truly when out into the country...back in the 1800's some of my family homesteaded in Laramie and I bet your father is spinning real fast like too. :-(((


If you think that is bad, TPP/TTIP will make it common throughout most of the developed world.


You seriously must be related to me!!! I was born in Phoenix and still have relatives there ... you can be my brother from another mother!!! :smiley:

My brother lives right outside Rock Springs, and like you, craves the peace and quiet of wide open space. :smile:


I think you should apologize right now--to cats!


You've got me laughing, the whole tread is wonderfulness to the extreme :-))) Rock Springs sits right at the edge of those mountains and the storms there are great, I've been caught in a few and while on I-17 they can be a real swimming challenge. But sadly, my father died back in 58 when I was 7 and mom never remarried or had other kids :-((( My mother's family moved from DC to Prescott in 1926, so, like you, I'm kinda grounded here. Stop by sometime, the cawfee is always on :-)))


Hey you really could be my brother -- I was 5 in 1958! :smile: I was adopted but my biological mother's family is from Phoenix, and I think has always lived there -- my adopted father told me that my uncle was a judge on the state supreme court, and my mothers' last name was Sukowski.

I love Phoenix -- all the palm trees and saguaros; I remember a comedian saying that Arizona is the state of "100,000 square miles of kitty litter"! :sunglasses: I haven't been back there since I was a kid so I just might take you up on that invitation for coffee! :yum:


When my Grandmother died back in 76 in Illinois she had the homestead deed, why I haven't a clue but do these names come up in your family...Fleming, Satchell or Weaver? I can not for the life of me remember the name on the deed, my older brother has it but we no longer speak to each other. On the other side of my family the name Sukowski doesn't show up :-((( Personally I hate Phoenix, I remember when the population of Phx was 20,000, if you can imagine it? That's why I love Wy, it has a population of Zip, nada, nobody but animals. Which begs the question, who is there to censor in Wyoming? Honestly? Nobody lives there but the wind and it blows all the time.


:laughing: You are right -- a big, fat NOBODY by the name of Cheney lives (sometimes) in WY!
The only thing I know about my biological family is that their name is Sukowski -- I have no idea about other names in that 'family tree'. My maiden name was Sharp and my adopted father had a younger brother and 2 sisters; my uncle's wife still lives in Phoenix, I think all the kids moved away, and my uncle died a number of years ago, as have my parents.
You're right about no one living in Wyoming, I live in Omaha and the metro area is at almost 1 million now -- much more populous than a-l-l-l-l-l of Wyoming!