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Groups Cry Foul as Congress Readies 'Super Bill of Pure Terribleness'



So now we all live in a giant fishbowl.


My wife remembers Jim Garrison saying that what worried him the most was fascism coming into the U. S. under the disguise of 'national security'


Fascism, police state, authority run amuck, America is no longer a democracy and growing worse by the year. Maybe we should have that revolution before our militarized police come to the door. These people making these bills in secret are no better than Hitler and other dictators. Think Saddam was bad? Third world fascist police state at your service.


The Devils Chessboard lays it all out. The CIA shadow government and its crimes. I've been trying to link SRI International and MkUltra. Is there an SRI office in San Bernardino. Any labs or medical facilities associated with SRI? Were they radicalized or controlled? They will stop at nothing for absolute power.


It sure is a horror, but the article skips at the surface. Who in "Congress" came up with it and who are those who support it.


America has never been a democracy, and was not designed as such. The demo is very diluted in our electoral process, and curtailed by gerrymandering, granted, but the dilution began with indirect representation. Still what a mess we have. Let's not just think there was a golden era of democracy; what we had was the Gilded Age instead. The current radical reactionaries calling themselves conservatives are the puppets of wanna be true barons like the Koch brothers and too many others. See ALEC's rolls.


Does anyone actually believe our "elected" representatives, senators actually read or remotely understand "bills" they vote on? Do we have the slightest knowledge of who even writes these 800 page concoctions?


Corpses, often.


How does the seven year hate fest of Obama fit into this, Has it been a well planned triangulation art to divert attention as things like the TPP move along without a single voice of GOP dissent. How can that be, everthing else Bama did was challenged at every level.

Will the GOP get their Jeb? Will Trope drop away, after taking the air out of the

The Time Mag just gave a full page to W, he is worried about black women's heath?
Can you believe that? And Time took away the Front page with Bernie as Man of the year, gave it to the German woman, "Merkle"--Person of the Year.

I will not renew my subscription.

Are we going to see the love fest of the Bush&Clinton&Bama's? As they display together the "Kinder, Gentler America" by telling the World What to Do? As per GWHB .


How does one get out of this place before the doodoo hits the fan? I've been watching the criminal government inch us into fascism with one jaw-dropping law after another since the Patriot Act. I did as much as I could to inform those who just don't want to be informed. Now, I just want out before I become an enemy of the state simply because I disagree with the government and believe them to be the cause of 90% of the world's problems. We are a nation of pure terribleness. Our creed is greed and our god is the almighty dollar. Is there anywhere on the planet not touched by the insidious power of the global elite? I remember someone in Canada having a satirical website called, "Marry a Canadian," that offered marriage to those Americans who couldn't face another term with GW as president. We can run, but can we hide from the global criminals who want to control every inch of the planet?


Grace sez: "So now we all live in a giant fishbowl."

I think of it more as a toilet bowl, but that's a small quibble. Potato, potahto ...


I was thinking more of the government spying on everyone; you were thinking more of all the other crud our government throws at everyone, including pollution from fossil fuel industry (which comes closer to owning our government than our government comes to governing it.)


The GOP as the party of big business wants all the trade deals it can get. Pres. Obama is giving in to big business to avoid getting assassinated by some hired assassin as JFK got himself killed for defying the powers that be by issuing some silver coins.