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Groups Cry Foul Over DHS Plan to Demand Social Media Passwords at US Border


Groups Cry Foul Over DHS Plan to Demand Social Media Passwords at US Border

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Raising concern about the violations of privacy occurring in the name of U.S. border security, a coalition of consumer rights groups on Tuesday launched a new campaign opposing the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) so-called "extreme vetting" practice that requires travelers to reveal their social media passwords.


The headline of this article is very misleading. There is no new "DHS Plan" to "Demand social media passwords at the border - only the ongoing one since Jan 21, which is bad enough as it is, where border agents ask for this information, at their discretion, at the border.


I'm a little disappointed in our Surveillance State: I fully expected them to have all our passwords by now. Well...one can only wait out the inevitable.


If this goes into effect, I am going to change my password to fucku2


There might be a bunch of service providers that will provide HUGE blowback supported by an army of attorneys were the emperor to take this additional step to usurp any and all individual privacy at the border or anywhere/anyone else he chooses to target. When asked, refuse to answer unless the agent can provide a legal document supporting his right to ask for and receive that confidential information.

The social media passwords that need to be revealed are by all users in the Trump tent and adjoining offices/underground bunkers. A warehouse-size load of intelligence info (and incriminating evidence) would come from those disclosures.


They are actually demanding it as part of visa applications overseas. Reciprococity means your next overseas visit will result in same treatment. If you dont have a social media account or dont have enough likes you will be deemed a sociopath and denied entry (too dangerous) .Welcome to the Prison Planet.


The article is misleading in inferring social media account passwords are only being asked of visitors. Citizens are being asked as well and cell phones are being unlocked to copy the data for screening. If you dont cooperate they take your phone away and do it anyway and mail it back a couple of weeks later


My god! It never ends, does it?


Maybe you should reword your comment to...

My God! It is just beginning, isn't it?


The authoritarians think they can accomplish anything by force.


Did that actually happen to you?

I travel across the Canadian border fairly frequently, and one of the remarkable things about it to me has always been the way the Canadian border agents are always nice (usually female and Asian/south Asian) and the US ones are typical authoritarian cop-personality asshole thugs - always male, white, and redneck.


More articles supporting your post about the US border gestapo.
If this ever happens to me, I will never bring a phone or electronic device with me when I cross the border.


What's all the whining about? They already have your passwords, every text message, every voicemail, and no one seemed to mind then.


I think you would "whine" if border agents took you aside and into a confined space for several hours while they forced you to hand over your phone or laptop and passwords so that they could copy everything and have access to all of your social media contacts. You would feel just as invaded as someone at the airport who gets excessively patted down in the private areas.

Besides, no one has the right to tell other people when they should or should not stand up for their rights.


While all that information may reside in a data center somewhere, it is not accessible to the CBP agents or anyone else without several days of full time work with an IT specialist.

This conspiratorial notion of US intelligence and security agencies as all powerful omniscient gods for which "resistance is futile" has got to stop. Based on my own experience with FBI monitoring of a peace organization I used to be active in, "Keystone Kops" better describes the way they work.


Peace organizations, maybe...

If an environmental organization (for example) is your thing, you get labeled as a "violence threat" the minute you indicate you might want to block a street. At that point, the "kops" are anything but "keystone."

Oh, well. At least we can dispense with the "land of the free" and "home of the brave" tropes...


Travel only with a non-smart phone with a new SIM and only use it for travel. Don't wait too long to get yours. i would expect the second-hand market for phones will be booming. Great marketing scheme.


Reminds me of the old days when I used to write checks to: Fuck you Pigs goats and elephants(pacific gas & electric).................... They used to cash them anyway


We've been "The land of the fee and the home of the grave" for decades.


Basically a useless phone. I can always pick up a local SIM at the destination airport for the country I'm in, which is what i usually do. Not being Mr. Paranoia i don't really revert my phone to factory settings before i travel just to restore it when i get to the destination. The option is there tho for those who deem themselves sooo important as to be on DHS radar.

Better advice would be not use your finger print to unlock it. It is a lot more legally complicated to make you give up a passcode than a fingerprint.