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Groups: Harvey Recovery Must Serve Vulnerable Victims, Not Corporate Polluters


Groups: Harvey Recovery Must Serve Vulnerable Victims, Not Corporate Polluters

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Prompted in part by the appointment of former Shell CEO Marvin Odum to lead Texas recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a coalition of over 130 organizations released a joint statement directed at elected officials in Texas and Louisiana on Thursday demanding that hurricane relief funds be delivered to communities in need, not to big polluters—"the same corporate actors that caused or contributed to many of these problems in the fir


The outcome of this action could be a great justification of a future boycott of a number of corporations.


“The announcement that former Shell CEO Marvin Odum has been tasked to lead the recovery efforts raises serious risks that these mistakes will be repeated in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.”

Risk implies uncertainty, and there was little if any uncertainty that Global Megacorp would take this “disaster” as an opportunity to steal more of OUR “capital.” After all, they have read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine too–not that they needed to, since they invented it.

With all due respect, I see nothing in this article that suggests what the 130 organizations are going to do WHEN the theft begins. Talking about what “must” or “must not” happen without an outline of what WILL happen if the perps perp again is a waste of time, as they have shown time and again what should have been obvious to begin with: A corporation has no soul and no conscience, so will inevitably act accordingly unless stopped by force of some kind, preferably the force of strict laws strictly enforced.


For many years now, Texas has had a no regulations policy regarding the oil and chemical industries. The Huston metropolitan area has suffered greatly as a result of this neglect. It’s bad enough that the area is basically a basin where contamination releases are readily distributed, far and wide, by flooding events.The desire of the oil and chemical industry to have a ready source of workers located as close as possible to their plants has, in various ways, lead to very poor zoning decisions being made by local government officials. All this and the perfect storm to boot is a cocktail that has inevitably led to politicians and their underlings creating hazardous results that must not be paid for funds from the general public.


As little as 30 days ago, the wealthy homeowners’ federal flood insurance program already had a funding deficit of $25 billion dollars. That’s what happens when Congress runs an insurance company – they take risks on essentially swampland houses and then they lose their shirts fast, big and multiple times in a row. But those wealthy folks vote!

Suddenly we have a climate change problem. If your house is on level ground and not on a hilltop, from this month on it’s a national sacrifice house. No bank will ever give a mortgage on it, hey, you’ll find out soon enough, or maybe you won’t find out for a while. $100,000 of your investment just got washed down the river forever but you don’t know that yet.


More Texas worship of the white daddy and his beneficent cock (not). The only people they respect are white men who steal. A shame Barbara Jordan is not still alive. She is the type of person to put in charge of ALL of it.