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Groups Issue Warning: Pro-Corporate TPP Could Kill the Interne


Groups Issue Warning: Pro-Corporate TPP Could Kill the Interne

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The "disastrous" pro-corporate trade deal finalized Monday could kill the Internet as we know it, campaigners are warning, as they vow to keep up the fight against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations.


I guess I am not so bright but I keep coming up against a brick wall whenever I try to figure out how trade representatives (private citizens) can negotiate ways to circumnavigate national laws. Since when do these representatives have the power to negotiate how our laws will be applied and worse whether they will be enforced or not even on our own soil? That is like a group of mafioso sending delegates to a meeting and deciding that laws against murder, extortion and theft are infringing on their ability to make a profit so the police will not be allowed to arrest them.

Where do these trade representatives get the right to negotiate whether or not our laws are sovereign on our own soil and do this in secret?

We are being subverted and experiencing a repeated step by step (each new trade agreement) coup that usurps our national legal system and substitutes a corporate legal system.

Forget the damn black helicopters bullsh*t. The conspiracy helicopters will all be brightly painted and have company logos. They are the scary ones.


This is bad.


Amendment XI
The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.


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Seems they haven't read that one!


They don't have rights to do these things. It's all illegitimate.


They're not really above the law. They just think they are. The trouble is, who will enforce it.


They know it's all illegitimate the same way a thief knows that stealing is a crime... but he doesn't care that it is a crime and does it anyway.

We all should start to face that the powerful are separating themselves from the rest of us. They seek to rule ... it is an old story that democracy is for the little guys but to the powerful - democracy just gets in the way of them doing what they want.

When it comes to laws the powerful see themselves above the law when it is them having to obey it. Now they've decided to make all that official. Laws are for the little guys and don't apply to the big boys.

Good luck kiddies... your future will not be like my past. You'd best not count on things being similar... because they won't be.


"whenever I try to figure out how trade representatives (private citizens) can negotiate ways to circumnavigate national laws"

Is the behaviour of Robert Clive of India, who started as a mere clerk in Calcutta, any guide to answering your question?


So, if TPP could kill the internet, who are the biggest internet players? apple, microsoft, facebook, and others...are they complaining? in a word, no...why?...they have a lot of skin in the game, they should be complaining, openly...what are they gaining? I have only run a Mac, for 14 years, a Mac...in the old daze there wasn't anything within them out of reach, I just installed OS 10.11 El Capitan, after watching and reading the console logs it appears to me to be a recording and reporting machine only and there are now "hidden things within" behind the curtain that cannot be accessed, I have used a 3rd party firewall to stop 12 phone home activities, I know by reading logs I'm missing a bunch...look at this way, the laws don't work in controlling populations, religions don't either, what is left? the web because everyone is attached to it in one form or another...it's all about control, welcome to the web version #2


Well, if you know that much about it, I'm not sure why you're not using a free operating system. Free, as they say, "as in Freedom, not as in Beer".

In fact, Ubuntu has become so straightforward, that there is really no reason to use a commercial OS any more.




I'm not geeky enough...I've been looking NetBSD outta Stanford, looks mighty good but again, not geeky enough, gotta find someone to help install NetBSD, you might want to look at it too...I have contacted EFF and they are working on a few of my suggestions + those of others, there maybe an update on the EFF blog in a few daze addressing the issues that have arisen...seriously look into NetBSD, it has Snort built right in :-))) very nice feature...I can read and understand logs and that's about it :-((( big bummer on my end for-sure...


Man, you can install Ubuntu. It's an easy place to get started. That's what I did. Later, move on to Arch and then maybe Gentoo - or one of the BSD's.


Very good summary. The answer is that our "democratically"-elected representatives are knowingly abandoning power whilst supporting the system that keeps them where they are. A prime example is Hollande. He said something in the US to his hosts, in Feb 2014, that he would never have said to his own people - to the effect that the sooner TTIP comes into force, the better, because people are going to fight it, so let's get it done before they find out.
As far as I'm concerned, this is High Treason.


I keep thinking about when HfngtnPost sold out the voice of the people, and when they "negotiated" their deal with Farcebook. This took thousands of people, voices like mine, and tossed them out of the mix. We are people who refused to hold accts w/Farcebook because of unethical behaviors by its owners. This is the way the new conservative owners of HP got thousands of us, who were no longer wanted, off the pages. We were told that because we raised such spot on, detailed questions and answers about Policy makers and their Legislative disasters that we were not wanted on that Media outlet's publication. Isn't this exactly what the goal of TPP is? To split out the VOICES from the crowd, to hold us hostage in a sense, and stop us from participating in our Government any way possible. If our governments only listen to Billionaires with Lobbying Money to hand over, then how can we continue to be heard, other than on public forums? Yes, I write my Congress people weekly. And Yes, I do believe in some petitions. But there must remain a free and widely seen media view of the VOICES of the PEOPLE. It must not be tampered with by Big Corp Money - they do not want us yelling at them. They do not want us stating the truth about them. So this is another part of the TPP - control the Loud Voices of Citizens United against Fraud, Theft, Lies, Tax Cheats, Manipulators of our World. Be sure to contact your Congress people, all of them. Demand that they vote NO on TPP. Please!


...goto prismbrake.com or .org can't remember which...NetBSD is just the way to go with a unix machine...


You say Ketchup I say Catsup let's call the whole thing off!

Clive eh? Why not go back to Raleigh and Drake and letters of Marque? Trade reps one and all... ahem!

Actually Clive was the TPP in reverse (where trade fostered the extension of a national empire). The TPP et al is trade fostering the establishment of 'corporate empire'.


The underlying theme 'hidden' within all these trade agreements is the relinquishment of sovereignty to corporate rule. Whether national laws or common law, whether the bill of rights or personal rights (privacy for example under data mining) or social norms (the control of forums through a lack of equal access etc).

Our laws have become interferences to corporate rule. Our expectations of freedom inconveniences to corporate control.

There are many who think that our nation - all nations - the planet - should be privatized but they are fools. The essence of corporate rule is that it is impersonal and unreachable. There is no one to hold responsible for draconian decisions based on the corporate bottom line. There is no one to be elected either.

We start a new age of kings - in all but name. We'll call them executives and they'll call us ... workers.

They'll call areas designated as being able to pay below minimum wage - opportunity zones ... remember that one? Can you fight city hall? Could you fight a privatized city hall?

Designer clothes? Designer handbags?

Designer Fascism?