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Groups Nationwide Create Campaign of 'United Resistance' to Trump


Groups Nationwide Create Campaign of 'United Resistance' to Trump

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Progressive organizations across the U.S. are joining together in the latest showing of widespread resistance to President-elect Donald Trump's right-wing agenda, from climate policies to civil rights.


What a mess, a president elected with the help of foreign dictator and he has business investments in all kind of countries and will not reveal what the are. Basically, he lacks the credentials to govern. Under these circumstances there can be nothing but chaos as long as he is in office. Perhaps even worse, this is all taking place in the context of a climate crisis and what happens during the next 20 years may go a long way to determine whether there will be a United States and even an inhabitable world. We need more than progressive groups standing together. Their combined numbers are far too small. We need centrists joining in and people to the right of center. Basically we need everybody who opposes fascism and wants to protect democracy. Those people on the left claiming the US is already a fascist country I guess will do their own thing but fortunately they are relatively few in number.


Love the protest sign that states: "Build a wall around Trump; I'll pay for it" ..... Soros really must be part of this push-back ... :laughing::smiling_imp:


The only message that reaches the broader public is that Democrats are really, really mad that Trump got the job. What, exactly, so we resist, and how do we do it? A protest is not resistance. It's an expression of opinion. As long as you get your protest permit and comply with all rules and restrictions, you can publicly make that statement. Whether this can ultimately translate into a genuine force for change is another discussion.

Understand that years of work went into deeply dividing the proverbial masses, pitting us against each other by class and race. Many saw the years of the Obama administration as our last possible chance to do this, to bring people together for the common good. It was worth a try. Liberals spent these years "standing in solidarity" with the better-off alone, and BLM! quickly added "and white ones don't." We're now grappling with the consequences.


By all means protest but then put some foundation under it: Total, rolling, non cooperation. Solidarity!


Surely you must know that that's nonsense. Voting machines weren't hacked, and whatever was revealed via those emails only shone a light on the truth about the Clinton wing. You would rather protect lies? Russia, Putin, Wikileaks, and (at least, as recently as around 10 days ago) the CIA, all denied Russian influence in this election. Opposition to the Clinton right wing by much of the Dem voting base goes back 20-some years, and has only increased. In spite of this, Clinton won the majority of the popular vote. Trump, however, won the majority of the Electoral College votes, and that's just how the system works.

On the US contribution to climate change, it's a lost cause. It would require significantly cutting our dependency on/use of privately-owned motor vehicles. Over the past half-century, the middle class have fought every effort to invest tax dollars into building a modern, Euro-level mass transportation system, necessary to reduce the number of motor vehicles in use.


Oh, this could be good. If all the the groups come together to support each other they/we could be an unstoppable force. I've been hoping the groups out there would see the power gained by uniting.
This is how we win people, together. Good luck to these groups, let's all support them.


That's not exactly how the system works. Trump didn't win the popular vote and because 50 of his electors were disqualified, he didn't win the electoral college vote either. So when two brave Representatives needed a Senator to challenge the vote, guess what, not one senator stepped up. That's how the system works.


The Trump campaign supporters demonstrated that they are angry about many of the same issues that activated the Sanders supporters. The difference is the Sanders supporters understand the causes of their anger while the Trump supporters frequently do not -- not surprising considering the incompetence of the MSM and the dishonesty of right-wing yakfest.

It seems to me that we on the left have a challenge and an opportunity. We need to find ways to get better, honest information to the rural areas of the country. The media won't do it. The internet isn't doing it as it seems to have degenerated, despite the wealth of good information available, into a myriad of narrowly-defined silos of choirs each with their own preferred preachers.

IMO, we need to, in one or several novel ways, emulate the Populists of the late 19th century who sent "educators" to local Grange Halls and libraries. One on one works but slowly. TV is far too expensive. Radio, however, is "relatively" inexpensive. And since radio mostly clusters into three markets -- evangelical, sports and right-wing yak -- the markets are saturated and stations are available all the time for modest sums. We don't need another Air America since the content is already out there. We just need the means of disseminating it.

What say you?


These are good ideas and should also involve the churches and synagogues. Teach-ins are effective and activists need to contact local media about their events. This really does not cost anything and can be backed up with letters and opinion pieces to local newspapers.


Quite right!


Both the text of this article and the video, the need to come together is expressed but I don't get it. Many organizations fail to coordinate. There was a time when the CIA and FBI were not communicating with one another, sharing information with one another. Same with city police departments and county sheriff departments. How do all the groups that are deeply concerned about a Trump administration, his cabinet picks and Supreme Court picks that are coming coordinate efforts and be BIG....HUGE? Many times in the last year, I remember saying, "I already signed a petition for that." And now there is a women's march against Trump coming on January 21. Why just women's??? Are we all, separately, going to march for our causes? I don't think that is what's needed. Trump can insult a dozen different groups in one speech. So are we going to reach react from our separate territories? I thought we were in this together. Of course men may attend the women's march. But no one should have to wonder who's sponsoring this or that march or if they are invited. WE need to march and write our people in government. How about a 2 or 3 or 4 million person march on Washington? How do Credo and Common Dreams and all the organizations work together? Yes, work locally but how do we join forces? When as loud, and obnoxious voice such as Trump's is echoing across the nation, we need a huge bullhorn to drown him out and have people who would hear his messages hear ours even more. How are we going to do that with a little march here and a little march there? How, with a few letters here and a few there? A guest appearance here and another there? Petitions here and there, even repeating one another. He has THE bully pulpit. How can we be as influential. Our efforts somehow need to come together and I just don't see how. I'm 70 and I've never seen how. That is what many need to be working on.