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Groups Pan 'Toothless' Fracking Rules As Industry Giveaway


Groups Pan 'Toothless' Fracking Rules As Industry Giveaway

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


There are very few real democrats today and who push for policies for workers or U.S. citizens today.
They just give lip service and some no longer give that.
For anyone to call Obama a democrats with policies for the citizens
instead of corporate America , really are not paying very close
attention to the policies he pushes on the big issues.
It is just what these corporations are pushing for today.
Jobs created are temperate , low wage with NO benefits.
The war and the military budget is still rising and going through the roof…
While public programs are being privatized , corporate and elite criminals
are not being prosecuted , while persons reporting on government and
corporate crimes are being prosecuted at a historical rate.
The environment HAS been destroyed and there is NO hope in sight
for any laws or policies to be passed to correct it.
The top one percent is paying Very Little to NO taxes while most other
Americans are paying their debt.
If democrats believe Hillary will be any better they are not paying attention
to what has gone on.
The elections are being more and more manipulated by corporations.
Gerrymandering , voter fraud , purging of democratic voters and
passing laws to prevent voters from voting is at it’s highest peak.
Sure the stock markets for now are at their highest level and
the top one percent enjoys that very much.
While the 99 percent pays for it.
Corporations which pay NO taxes and getting welfare is growing each
and every day. ’
Public Educational funds are being given to religious and other private
schools today , while public schools funds are being deleted.
Private schools have sent back children which they do not wish to have
and some every continual to keep getting funds for them.
Now they are pushing for more control for private schools so of course
they can have MORE control letting just the students they wish to have.
All this so called Charter school BS is just another policy to give public
funds to private corporations.
Lets see now they have/are privatized building and control of the roads.
Privatized the military with foreign private contractors and use foreign
workers to perform their jobs.
Are in the process of privatizing the Post Office so they can steal the
workers funds and everything else.


Moonbeam has gone loony. Unbelievable that fracking has not been banned in CA and the entire SW.


“God forbid though, you ask for a glass of water at a restaurant.”


As noted in a recent thread, personal and household consumption in California amounts to less than 5% of state water consumption. Which doesn’t mean personal and household consumers shouldn’t be intelligent about waste! But the main use is agriculture; industry also uses more than individuals do.

Use water reverently, but individual consumers are not the primary cause of the water crisis in California.

i read Cadillac Desert 25 years ago, which talked about the near-future water crisis not just in California but throughout the west. Here we go!


" …allow for the continued responsible development of our federal oil and gas resources."

Right out of the horse’s mouth - these guys always tell the truth if you just learn to parse what they say …

“Continued” implies that they are “responsibly” developing them now (rather like torture is “advanced interrogation techniques”) - if what they are doing now is considered “responsible” then a) what would “irresponsible” look like and b) these new regs, as a “continuation”, will give us more of the same …

C’mon guys - we don’t even have to refute the “adequacy” of your regs, you have done it so quite well yourselves, almost as a Twitter feed …


The most duplicitous and best corporateer we could have for President. These new regs are small peanuts. His sights are on the big prize of his Presidency - the fast track of the TPP. To view the height and depth of duplicity visit the President’s TPP site Progressive Coalition for American Jobs. Be sure to have a puke bag handy before visiting the site.


It’s a good first step and WAY better than nothing. We will finally get some facts on just what chemicals are being shoved into the ground.


All those widow dressings are done for the base to keep them happy and quiet. And many who do not follow politics or what happens in reality after those so called window dressing regulations believe it to be a great step forwards.

Just like when so many Democrats cheered when a few states raised their minimum wage by a few cents to a dollar an hour.

Just like the Republicans have to give their religious fanatics some crumbs here and there as well. Both parties know how to keep the masses quiet, and it works most of the time.


Haven’t read all the previous comments yet - apologies.

Of course it is mostly toothless - we’re committed to fracking baby. But the situation is even more sinister than a meaningless rule.

The industry is selling America this gas boom on “energy security” and low-carbon double talk. They can’t wait to start liquefying this stuff to ship all over the world. Most of America becomes an environmental sacrifice zone, any energy security will be fleeting at best, and the energy demand and CO2 release of liquification is so extreme that any low carbon benefits don’t actually exist.

The shalegas industry and extant boom exists first and foremost to make profit for the gas and oil industry. Like our earlier history with conventional oil we will exhaust most of this resource quickly, selling as much and to the highest bidder as possible.

Perhaps a campaign that many could embrace would be this: It is too late to stop what already is in place. However, as a matter of national defense (as in avoiding FURTHER overseas energy wars) and to HONESTLY accomplish that over-promised US energy security, all development of export terminals should be halted. Considering that the current US production already exceeds demand, future US shalegas development can be scaled back to a measured, sustainable level. Apparently shalegas deposits underlie every continent. Why should we become a sacrifice zone (again) for the profits of the oil and gas industry? Let the rest of the world decide for themselves to bring this blight upon themselves. And, keeping it continent confined at least avoids the stupidity of liquification.


Brown’s just one of the numerous nut cases just like the rest of the dems or repubs…matters not!..both parties are for big business and lining their pockets with the kickback they all_(or most) receive. From what I’ve been reading Cal. could end up in a state of emergency if they don’t get ample water soon…I’m sorry! I meant the people who don’t belong to the million and billion dollar clubs who’ll water their lawns during a draught because it’s their gawd given right!!


This matter and this issue go on the long list that places the US in a systemic revolution. Where no national politicians will stand to face with honesty the collective of issues that display the imposed purchase of all human welfare by an indifferent elite, the public is being betrayed.


Our president is so stupid he doesn not imagine his “legacy” will be written primarily about climate change and his radical disregard of all of it. Rather like the average elected Democrat in the US Congress and the governors.


At minimum there should to be mandatory continuous core sampling in an expanding radius around every fracking wellhead. Also along the path of the horizontal drill path down to the rock layer being drilled. Also round the clock air monitoring at the wellhead site. Also portal to portal tagging and inspection of all frack fluid waste, wellhead to disposal site. Obama you are a worst serial murderer than Bush. Drones, Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa. Environmental negligence. Gulf spill, pipe line spills, exploding frack and tar sands oil trains. Chemical and coal ash spills. You are a POS.


Dear Luddites:

National Fracking code…A means to expedite or fast track a process of production by creating a systematic compromise production code application; Fordism.

Little houses? The ability to commodity (reward?) the laborer to accepting a reduction level of accumulation by setting lowered ownership expectations; maybe a stepping stone? The little house zoning and building codes similarly require adaption to a national code system to facilitate the ability for the labor class to consume the accumulation, due efficiency and ultimately cost. The IgCC building code is proof.

Solar panels now are considered to last upward to 100 years. Sighting solar on residental homes is local inner city jobs. Solar panels primarly are silicon, aluminum, silver, copper, and steel. The energy intensive solar silicon wafer as the other scarce resources utilized and mentioned above, recycle better the second time; just like the aluminum can.

Well installed solar protects the roof actually reduce roof exposure and wear. Solar generated electricity bypasses the comparative 3% grid energy loss. Solar on homes saves the rural public BLM land for things like trees and natural (desert) species.

German solar installations continue to surpass American installations due paperwork and code conformity. Oil got you down, Fracking code? The US gov’t, Bush, Cheney, and Koch (+ Texas oil, Kennedy ass and 911) profit got you down with a fracking code. This is what they do it, continue to throw social political things on a timely manner for us to fight about. Unfortunately things we must fight about.

What about solar code, Hillary? And Hillary replied: ‘Let there be little houses’ (and one time raises for Wall Mart employees!) ‘Union’ said the educated Wall Mart employee!


B Al Gore’s Leer Jet:
…crack of dawn


I’d like to see what specific things are proposed. When we discovered how awful and polluting the automobile, or say, steel making was back in the 1960s, did we call for a complete ban, forever, of these things? No, we called for an end to the pollution from the activity - not the activity. Most poeple now don’t even remember what standing behind an idling car or standing along a highway used to smell like.