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Groups Protest Oregon Timber Plan Riddled With Loopholes


Groups Protest Oregon Timber Plan Riddled With Loopholes


Today, Earthjustice and the Western Environmental Law Center, on behalf of 22 conservation and fishing groups, filed a formal protest with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) objecting to its proposed management plans for western Oregon. The BLM plan eliminates protections for streamside forests, increases clearcutting, and removes 2.6 million acres of these federally managed public forests from the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan.



The status quo that brought us to this pitiable state and which included clear cuts and fish die offs from unshaded streams and so forth is being shown to be destructive.

To do things the way the status quo elites want to continue to keep doing them will continue to be destructive for everyone else.

The status quo corporate elite is destructive and as yet they are still deciding policy. Do we really need clear cuts or do a few lumber companies want those clear cuts?

There is a Gold Rush mentality among the status quo corporate elites to grab what they can like was done in days of old no matter the environmental damage. We see it in fracking and sacrifice zones, in clear cutting and in many outmoded ways of seeing the land as something only to exploit for profit through its destruction for future generations. Considerations of sustainable tourism and hunting and fishing etc are immaterial when a lumber company lobbyist has the ear of the right officials.

Once a beautiful vacation paradise forest is clear cut, more than just the trees disappear but also the communities disappear, the fish die off as do the animals. It is a wasteland where once tourists spent millions that were a benefit to the local communities. Clear cuts clear out people too.


Voting for Democrats is as anti-helpful as voting for Republicans.