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Groups Raise Alarm About Under-the-Radar, 'Extremist' Healthcare Nominee


Groups Raise Alarm About Under-the-Radar, 'Extremist' Healthcare Nominee

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Organizers are urging constituents to call their lawmakers Tuesday and make a pitch against Seema Verma, President Donald Trump's nominee for administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Senate Finance Committee, which held Verma's under-the-radar hearing earlier this month, is expected to vote on her nomination Wednesday.


Of that upper half how do the percentages break down there John?


John you always show up to turn attention away from corporate influence, so I don't buy your shtick.

Again, of the upper half how do the percentages break down?

And as to my anonymous status (not to the State of course) tell me John, just which John Ellis are you?

White pages spit out...

3,373 results for John Ellis

Paid? Now that is funny!


"And so, let us give all our wealth to the poor, strive to be harmless by never using force to overcome evil, and await patiently for all thing to turn toward the good."

What planet are you from? Those with wealth don't give to the poor - the poor are far more generous than the wealthy. Striving to be harmless is a worthy goal, but if we await patiently we won't have a future! We will remind you that you spouted this nonsense when we can no longer drink the water or breathe the air because all EPA regulations have been rescinded.


Yes, by all means let us resist, but with a plan!
In order to be effective against Trumpism, we have to bring all progressive organizations under one single umbrella.
There is already such a force building as the Justice Democrats (https://justicedemocrats.com/), uniting the efforts of 'Brand New Congress' (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie’s own ‘Our Revolution’ https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization 'TYT' (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.
Get with it, pull together. This is not a competition among progressive forces, which all have the same aims, those which Bernie Sander has outlined so effectively.
As it stands now both the ‘Democracy for America’ ( DfA) and ‘brand new Congress are formulating separate lists of progressive candidates, they want to support in 2018.

That is insane! We will end up splitting our vote between two progressive candidates and the establishment jerk will run right through the middle and take the seat.
‘Brand New Congress' is ready to cooperate, but the DfA still appears to hesitate.

We absolutely must support those progressive organizations, which are willing to cooperate with others. No organization needs to sacrifice its idendity, but we have to work together as ONE cohesive force.
I do not know, if CD is ‘listening in', but they should also participate.


Ms. Vermin is Pence's pet pick as she worked with Gov. Pence to dismantle Medicaid while putting in place punitive laws for the state's poor seeking coverage through the ACA.

In Indiana, her plans were “about saving the dollars by any means possible”, said Indiana Representative Charlie Brown, the ranking Democrat on the public health committee.

Here is an excellent article in The Atlantic magazine on Ms. Vermin, president and founder of SVC, Inc., a "health policy consulting firm" specializing IN DISMANTLING MEDICARE AND MEDICAID at the state level with Indiana the sickening Model:

Seema Verma’s Austere Vision for Medicaid https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/02/seema-vermas-vision-for-medicaid/517077/

Will she divest of her holdings in SVC, Inc, which she founded and is the president and CEO? Hell no...because the emperor said so. Her appointment presents a HUGE conflict of interest but the GOP miscreants just pulled out another rubber stamp to please themselves and their orange idol (gotta privatize EVERYTHING regardless of the price in human lives as there is lots of money to be made...just ask Seema).. They will be crying in their booze come 2018 or maybe even earlier when the emperor implodes.

She comes from money in India where he father remains (Mumbai) as ‎Dean (faculty affairs) at Indian Institute of Technology. Another elitist pickled in the brine of affluence who has never needed or wanted for anything. Wonder why her mother and her birthplace remain big secrets....


Let's keep going down this road to ruin. One more time: being born is a pre-existing condition. Someday, something is gonna get, hit, or fall upon you and unless you are well-employed w/an employer health insurance plan or an offspring of the Clintons or Trumps you could go bankrupt.

Anytime a Congress person or politician starts yammering on about giving the hoi polloi "choice" run for the hills.

We do not need choice we need medical care for what and when something ails us, period. Choice (basically what you can pay for) = fewer options, less coverage, period.

If all this nonsense does not cause a revolt and bring about universal government run health care -- not insurance, I don't know what will. Since when did the POTUS (ACA which is anything but) and Congress become Insurance salespeople? Insurance is not health care. Insurance is a crappy product that makes money denying, cajoling, or cheating the insured out of service. Insurance exists and first allegiance is to make money for its shareholders -- not to provide health care. Insurance sucks up 30-40% of our precious health care dollars to make the few wealthier while seeking ways to deny or delay care for the many.


But she's "diversifying" the administration

And isn't that what really matters ... ?


Pomposity and Ignorance.