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Groups Slam Republican AGs Big Oil Collusion to Protect ExxonMobil


Groups Slam Republican AGs Big Oil Collusion to Protect ExxonMobil

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental and advocacy groups on Thursday responded to recent reports that Republican attorneys general colluded with fossil fuel lobbyists to shield ExxonMobil from fraud investigations, saying the revelations were a clear case of industry corruption.


Justice for sale or rent, Integrity to let, fifty cents.
No conscience, no qualms, no regrets, I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but, two hours of countin' Cash
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit Decision
I'm a man of Justice by no means, king of the Sellout.


Hillary has been in politics long enough (for 30 years) to know all of these AG's on a first name basis.
Hillary must also be aware of the sweetheart deals that are currently being made or have been made in the past. That or she's too stupid to be the president.
Why is it, then, that Hillary has not spoken out about the present and past collusion?
Because she's been bought off by the fossil fuel industry.


Shocking: The World's Largest Association of Earth Scientists Is Funded by Climate-Denying Exxon -- The American Geophysical Union should be standing up for climate science and scientific integrity—not Exxon.


I;d suggest a complaint to the respective bar associations on a charge of conflict of interest. I'm not sure, but you might need to be from that particular state to do it and maybe you have to be able to produce actual facts from knowledge and even show up in person. Maybe it's worth some research on and taking some action. What if we all were to do it and the bar associations got thousands of complaints? It could get interesting.


Given the sheer number of corporate manipulation of the government, all to the detriment of 'we the people' I would not be surprised to learn that this kind of "smoking gun" was discovered in the aftermath of an illicit lobbyist meeting with a Republican attorney:


Here's a case where just overturning Citizens United simply won't do the trick, because corporations have more than the first amendment right to speak in elections. They also have the First Amendment right to not speak at all, the right Exxon is hiding behind now.

Through the chartering process, corporations can be protected and given privileges that ensure a stable economic environment but do not extend the constitutional rights intended to protect We the People.

The entire doctrine of corporate personhood has unleashed a malevolent force that's destroying not only our democracy but the planet itself, all for the sake of profiting the 1%. The We the People Amendment not only overturns Citizens United but a century of Supreme Court decisions giving human rights to non-human entities.


Fossil fuel lobbyists need to not be called lobbyists anymore, I would call them: CLIMATE TERRORISTS! They should be put on some kind of progressive, climate, terrorist watch list; otherwise, they could kill us all in the future!


Questions for all of the oil industry leaders, polluters, corrupt politicians, climate deniers and greedy scumbags:

What part of "passing the key global warming thresholds" do you not understand ?! How are your profits going to protect you and your children and grandchildren?! How can you knowingly damn the planet to hell just to keep your paycheck coming?!