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Groups Sue FDA Over 'Unlawful and Irresponsible' Approval of GE Fish


Groups Sue FDA Over 'Unlawful and Irresponsible' Approval of GE Fish

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of environmental, consumer, and fishing organizations on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approving the first-ever genetically engineered (GE) animal for commercial sale and consumption—an Atlantic salmon, known colloquially as the "Frankenfish."


No surprise here. Government regulators are populated by industry reps. Who put them in charge?


Wester man is the insane apprentice to the technological magician. He is failing to convince us that his handiworks are an “improvement” over nature. A sick, corporate war making empire that needs to go.


Humans have been improving on nature ever since they domesticated plant and animal species. All wild species are produced by natural selection, while all domesticated species are produced by artificial selection. Which species has been more successful: the domesticated dog or the wild wolf?

Tell me, if you were a diabetic would you refuse to take humulin? Humulin is human insulin produced by GMO’s because bacteria are genetically modified to produce human insulin.

The only way you can not eat genetically-modified food is to hunt wild game and collect wild fruits, nuts and berries. Good luck trying to maintain a population of 7 billion without agriculture that is dependent on domesticated (genetically-modified) plant and animal species.

Nature gave us the male prostate gland. Nature is a sadist.


NATURAL is a meaningless term for food labeling. Most anything you eat that isn’t made from chemicals such as Aspartame, could be labeled Natural. I’ve never seen a can of tomatoes labeled Un-Natural. Peanut butter?? Don’t know of peanut butter made with peanuts made from chemicals. Obviously you could market Frankenfish as Natural, and without NON GMO Project VERIFIED labeling, you could fool a large number of people into thinking the GMO fish they wouldn’t otherwise eat, was non-GMO.

The main reason for Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready seeds are that they allow a toxic weed killer to be applied to the crop with no noticeable damage to the plants. No one knows if the food produced with this method is safe over the long term to consume. I’d rather not eat food that has been sprayed with unknown quantities of poison that Monsanto thinks is safe. It’s now been determined that Glyphosate in Roundup is likely to cause cancer. It’s also not known if these GMO crops could cross-pollinate and destroy non-GMO seed varieties. For the same reason, no one knows whether these GMO fish wouldn’t transfer this GMO gene to any or all wild fish on this planet and cause the destruction of the seafood industry worldwide, or if some chemical, or even the GMO gene that is required to grow these Frankenfish won’t cause health problems when the GMO fish is consumed.


Domestication and hybridization in plants and animals, is NOT genetic modification…For instance, for wheat… here’s what they use,
“Agrobacterium is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria established by H. J. Conn that uses horizontal gene transfer to cause tumors in plants. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is the most commonly studied species in this genus. Agrobacterium is well known for its ability to transfer DNA between itself and plants, and for this reason it has become an important tool for genetic engineering.” There’s more on Wikipedia…
I mean, come on… how "natural is that… It’s one thing if two types of cows for instance are bred together, either by the “real thing” or by artificial insemination… how ever, it is a very different thing if a scientist sticks a needle into an egg and adds something, directly into that egg… like the following.
“AquAdvantage salmon are triploid (having three sets of chromosomes whereas most animals have two sets) female Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), with a single copy of the opAFP-GHc2 construct, which codes for a promoter sequence from ocean pout directing production of a growth hormone protein using coding sequence from Chinook salmon”
There’s more on Wikipedia…
Again, putting two pigs, or cows or chickens together and letting them go at it… and coming up with something a little different… that might turn out better… or it might turn out not as good, so you do not put them together again… this activity is one thing… adding hormones or bacteria to form tumors in the plant or what ever, is another…


Enemy. I basically agree with you except that the farmed atlantic salmon are not frankenfish.


True. The GMO aspect does not worry me to much by itself, The way so much technological stuff gets protested against from a position of ignorance does though… In fact, only the opinions of those who are technologically illiterate seem to be trusted by “activists”. Having knowledge about something makes you an “industry shill”.

I always find this amazing - becasue I always assume that in our technological society, everyone makes a living in some technical, engineering or scientific specialty - yet It seem that most “activists” I meet (particularly the ones under 40) often don’t know anything about anything - even things like the bill numbers of some legislation they support.

But anyway, back to the Salmon. Raising Salmon in Panama (to preclude survival of any escaped fish?) presumably means that the large amounts of water in the hatchery will have to be chilled - where will all the energy to do that come from? Then the shipping, frozen, back north. Crazy. Like those organic red peppers in the stores in winter that are grown in a greenhouse in Holland (or far worse, Israel!) then shipped on a airliner to the US! If that is what “organic” means than don’t eat organic until you can find it locally grown or grow it yourself!


Yes, but lots of technology is developed strictly to peddle crap people don’t need, while dead-obvious low-tech things that people would find much more useful are never developed, or more commonly, deliberately discontinued. For example one can find hundreds of different models of $500 electric clothes dryers, but I have been unable to find a $3 hank of that ribbed vinyl-sheathed clothesline (It holds the clothes on better).


“Last I checked, the AquaBounty salmon will be grown in tanks away from natural waters down there in Panama.”

Well, that was sort of the plan for the Asian jumping carp that were imported from SE Asia to be used to eat poop and clean up retention ponds in the south. Unfortunately, unplanned floods allowed these fish to escape the ponds and contaminate the Mississippi River watershed. Now they’re near enough to Lake Michigan that it is likely in the very near future, they will manage to invade that lake and continue on to the rest of the Great Lakes and any tributary waters. You can’t keep these fish out of the Great Lakes. The weirs are only a little speed bump to slow their movement. Likely, aquatic birds will be the main pathway. Fish eggs often become attached to waterfowl which will be transported that way to a new home. That’s one possibility, another might be just some jerk who wants to cause trouble, may transport these fish into Lake Michigan.

So that’s one disaster started by the intentions of people who thought things would be fine, not to worry, nothing bad could ever happen. Now you have GMO fish, with no idea whether a disaster could occur if something went wrong, and no way to reverse the damage should this experiment turn out flawed. GMOs on land are one thing, but with 3/4 of our home being water, there would be no way to contain a mistake in the water.

No way should the FDA be allowed to make such a decision to approve GMO fish propagation.


Monsanto and other GM producers have been hiding information on their products for many years now and have decided to do the same thing with our food animals.

“Salmon farms harbor two especially virulent parasites:
sea lice and kudoa (soft-flesh syndrome).
Sea lice infestations have been reported by operators
in Canada, Norway, Scotland, and Ireland.
Sea lice chew on salmon, creating open lesions
that weaken their ability to maintain a healthy
salt-to-water balance. A recent study found that
sea lice concentrations at one Canadian salmon
farm were 30,000 times higher than normal. Lice
are dispersed around a farm at concentrations 73
times higher than normally occurring levels.” Diseases and Prrasites In Farmed Fish

This is the same thing that will happen with GM fish and will allow the GM stock to mate with the natural fish.
The FDA has ben known many times to take bribes from corporations to approve dangerous products with no testing at all.
Most European countries have banned GM products because of flese advertising and untested results.
GM companies spen millions of dollars to block labeling their products and the FDA allows the scam to go on. The first order of business for the FDA should be to ptotect the consumers food supply not take bribes from corporations.


These fish will not be kept in tanks they will be kept in a standard use fish farm. GM corporations cannot be trusted with anything they say.


This thing with GM fish will have the same effect as GM grains cross pollinating with natural food crops.
GM companies have never been trustworthy and lie about everything they are producing.
Eventually these salmon will escape by accident or design and it will be the end of our natural salmon.


The wholesale corruption of US gov agencies is proven by this disastrous decision! It is NOT a way forward for restoration of the Atlantic Salmon, but a continuation to extinctions and destruction/dilution of natural genetic diversity!

Atlantic and Pacific salmon runs are both endangered - threatened with extinction, along with the jobs, native societies, and wildlife they support - government has not supported what’s needed for serious action to really protect and rebuild this priceless natural species as well as numerous other species threatened with extinction and genetic depletion whether a “resource” or as a wild animal that must be protected or the very fabric of the Web of Life will unravel further.




Yeah, but considering the carbon footprint of the process, I’ll just pass and keep my infrequent fish eating (mostly the Rust-Belt tradition of fried cod sandwiches and mac cheese in a working-class bar or church hall during Lent) more sustainable.


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