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Groups to Obama: Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Crude Oil Exports


Groups to Obama: Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Crude Oil Exports

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hundreds of organizations on Wednesday filed a legal petition (pdf) calling on the Obama administration to declare a "national climate emergency" and end all U.S. crude oil exports, which they say would keep millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution from entering the atmosphere.

The petition comes as the U.S. nears a signing date for the COP21 climate agreement agreed to late last year in Paris.


The export ban on crude oil had nothing to do with climate change. Rather, it sought to ensure that the value added via refining would be performed in the US to maximize national GDP by exporting higher priced oil products.


Regardless of the initial reason for the export ban, oil exports should be banned to reduce the use of fossil fuels in any country since it is after-all a global crisis that doesn't recognize borders.


President Obama doesn't have the personal integrity, political will, or scientific understanding, or wisdom to act - he is entirely a political creature - representative of the 1% and little else.......unfortunately for us all.

Obama's heir apparent shares these attributes....."pick a fossil fuel project or company, and it’s easy to follow the money back to a Clinton financier"


Torture, drones, whistleblowers, deportations...and, yes, fracking. The wonderful legacy. Millions and millions siphoned off to convert Latin America to "our way" of doing things for what??? So they too can have oil production wars with the Saudis? In light of the great recent gas war alone [now abating]...we should be ashamed to foment any coups anywhere. What'll happen if they do like we do? The most major thing we want them to do "our way" is allow our corporations to drill wherever. The whole thing is circular. And wasting lives in the process. And subverting democracies. As plain as the noses on everyones' faces that don't seem to see the absurdity of it, or care.


Let's see:

  • The Great Barrier Reef has been killed;
  • Monthly and yearly "global average temperature" record highs are accelerating;
  • The rate of acceleration is accelerating;
  • The winter just passed, the entire Arctic region averaged 18 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 degrees Celsius above historic norms;
  • Scientists used to speak of "centuries" until ice collapse leads to multi-meter sea level rise; new data leads to the expectation that the seas will rise by meters in this century, destroying most major coastal cities;
  • Et cetera, add a hundred other key indicators;

This ain't your Daddy's climate change, folks. This is the long-promised "runaway global warming."

If not now: When DO we declare a "climate emergency"?

Do "we" need to wait on Obama to "declare emergency"?

What are your plans for the next phase of your life? Want to reconsider?


Let's Elect tRump and "Make America Great Again" Oh, that's right, America hasn't ever been "Great" Our "Exceptionalism is only our Fear, Greed and Incredible Stupidity" If BERNIE Isn't our next President, WE ARE SCREWED! Of course, We are probably screwed even if he is in the White House.


PLEASE Act and Declare a Climate Emergency, and start with a Crude Oil Exports Ban.


Is that the definition of puppet?


I would rather cut to the chase and start sequestering CO2 just exactly like the industry did with Freon that is finally reversing the growth of the ozone hole after thirty years of abstention. We take some assault weapons into the Senate and pass the Inclusive Prosperity Act S1371 but first make it a "flat" tax 0.5% without lower rates on the weird crap like CDOs and DSOs Sander's bill is discounting the tax on this lethal crap to 0.005% for no apparent reason. The New York Times did an editorial Jan 29th stating that an exchange tax was only worth $66 billion The 57 page download they dumped on me projected $660 trillion volume for 2017 But without a microscopic tax on the lethal stuff that caused the last (and will cause the next bubble pop) it gives us $3.3 trillion coming exclusively from the filthy rich traders. Plant three trillion trees and pay everybody a US dollar coin per tree to plant them.There are sure enough unemployed refugees available. As the trees grow to CO2 drops back to normal levels in a decade. Just like Freon vanished only faster.