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Groups to Obama: Don't Cede Climate to TTIP or Fossil Fuel Subsidies


Groups to Obama: Don't Cede Climate to TTIP or Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental groups on Thursday sent an open letter to President Barack Obama warning him that the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) threatens to upend his climate legacy.


Fortunately, at least at this point, the EU is not rolling over to US demands and the TTIP is on life support. Time to pull the plug on this boondoggle.

Then the Canadians and Euros need to reject CETA.

Then we all need reject TISA.

And while resisting these attempts at more corporate domination, we need to be building the alternative system.


"Threatens to upend his (Obama's) climate legacy", that legacy being _________________________ ?


An "all of the above" policy with regards to energy is a dubious "climate legacy" at best.


Raise your hand if you think Obama gives a damn.


My first question also.


Hmmm, his "climate legacy"? Well, let's see - Barry the Liar did shake hands with the Chinese leader not long ago in a much publicized agreement that the two countries in the world who generate the most CO2 will reduce their emissions to 2005 levels by 2025. Oooooh boy! That ought to fix the probem! Oh wait, I forgot. The agreement apparently wasn't really binding and, of course, neither of these "leaders" will be in power by then. Once again, with Obummer it is lots of nice words and either no real action or outright betrayal.
The reality is that July 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded. That is the pattern for the future and it will keep getting worse and worse as Barry and his pals talk about lucrative business opportunities while they play golf at the restricted courses they frequent. Then its back to their luxury condos, gated communities and mansions - air conditioned, of course.


I am gettting this eerie feeling that Americans have been played big time for the last 40 years or so. It makes no sense that Obama, our president, would sell off the soverignty of this country. It makes no sense that he talks about needing to do more about climate change and wants to hand more power to the fossil fuel criminals to destroy our planet. "Let them govern themselves regarding toxins...etc." That is what Obama is saying. I think we as a people are in a lot more trouble than I thought. The wrong people are in control.......and they are getting more power. And they are called the Military Industrial Complex. Maybe people are starting to wake up?



We're reduced to begging the President of the United States not to screw his own Country.


Thanks C/Dreams for raising awareness and giving me (and others) the opportunity to reply. I am deeply concerned now, and for future generations.

I agree with statements such as this:

"We must act now if we hope to avoid the worst impacts of climate change...we must boldly restrict fossil fuel emissions"

Here's the Reality: Watch This Video (trailer), in Obama's own words he displays typical symptoms of yet another president (puppet) tainted by oligarchy dominance.

Problem: For more than 30 years, both major parties (Democrats and Republicans) have long since been tainted by oligarchy (plutocrats) dominance, who have infiltrated the highest level of government. Both major parties accept ridiculously huge amounts of dirty money from the most wealthy and corrupt business interests (plutocrats, oligarchy). They have no shame whatsoever in abusing human rights, and destruction of the environment.

Money, greed and disrespect for life and the environment is indeed the root cause of so many grave issues.

Another Problem: After more than 30 years you think the far majority of people would not continue to blindly support such atrocious abuse of the environment (that also threatens and destroys life). The unfortunate reality is, the oligarchy (plutocrats) also have a stronghold on major media groups, heavily engaged in propaganda and gerrymandering.

Solution: Stop voting/supporting either major party. Both parties are rotten to the core, they will never resolve anything whilst oligarchy (plutocrats) have their greedy rotten stronghold in the highest level of government.

The only candidate who genuinely respects all life and the environment is Jill Stein. The Green Party is the only party that is part of a worthy global movement. Jill Stein is far more intelligent and knowledgeable regarding local, national and global issues.

The Green Party's core principle is to respect all life and the environment. They have realistic solutions and smart strategies to achieve greatness. --- For example, 100% clean sustainable energy by 2030. This is part of "The Greens New Deal", and includes investing in smarter (well planned) infrastructure, education, and provide millions of well paid jobs, without blowing the deficit. Jill Stein explains this admirably in This Video (A Must See).

If people say that voting for the Green Party is a wasted vote? That statement is grossly misleading. The oligarchy (plutocrats) stronghold on major media groups continues to spread lies, resorting to extreme propaganda to protect the rotten few, oligarchy (plutocrats). That is the sad reality. These wealthy few have no shame in abusing human rights and destruction of the environment. No shame in profiting from such atrocities.

If Jill Stein becomes POTUS, the Green Party will have no means to intelligently and admirably govern. ---- Again, such a statement is grossly misleading (propaganda). Here's the facts:

There have been countless allegations this year that the Green Party never runs local candidates. This deliberate falsehood could not be further from the truth. The next time you come across this slander (typically from Democrats), send the 'author' our page that lists 200+ candidates were running in 2016.


Groups to Obama: We can't beg any harder, your majesty! Please do something nice, please! We can't think of anything else to do other than to plead with you repeatedly and to no effect!

That's the value of these "groups".


Completely true and howlingly demoralizing. Who is Barack Obama really?
I try to construct background narratives that explain his criminal disregard for the horrific environmental impacts on the people who elected him and on the even more vulnerable world poor. Every possible "back story" alibi for him leaves me nauseous. Consecrating a self-referential, self-important membership in the monied elite is the only motive that rings true.