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Groups to Probe Why Pruitt Put ''Pesticide Industry Profits Ahead of Children's Health


Groups to Probe Why Pruitt Put ''Pesticide Industry Profits Ahead of Children's Health

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

How is it that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt came to the decision to reject his own agency's science and reject a ban the insecticide chlorpyrifos?

Watchdog group American Oversight and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) want to know, and are ready to sue to get to the bottom of the matter.


Pruitt's fail might be good for the organic food industry. That is unless Trump decides to destroy organic food.

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But only if the world somehow survives the onslaught of another million pounds or more of toxic materials unleashed​ into our environment, thanks to brain-dead bureaucrats in bed with Dow, Monsanto and other greedy corporations.

How do you maintain any food industry organic or otherwise if you kill off the pollinators with poisons like Chlorpyrifos? If you disable or kill farmworkers exposed to this material, you won't have anyone to harvest crops treated with it. Looks like our time on this Earth will be severely shortened, at the least, made more difficult.


This clueless admin will lead us daily through the morass caused by their obdurate and willful ignorance.


Pruitt put profits ahead of children's health...there is no why when it is and was obvious that personal profit/gain is/are his only concern and primary motivation for all cases and actions he has taken in any private professional or public position held by him. A major reason for his anointment by the greediest self-proclaimed god in the WH.


What a sick irony--we bomb Syria because they use chemical poisons on children, while blithely allowing chemical poisons to pollute and damage our own children. Trump et.al. need to be put in straitjackets and locked away. They're all bonkers.


These monsters who are terrorizing Americans by tearing apart our Democracy are doing so because they can. They live in the moment thinking if the world blows up they are rich enough to escape. So they terrorize us because they are not being stopped. Comments? Did I mention they are sadists and enjoy hurting us.


I do not think that the US budget covers the organic food police and jailers.


This is a systemic way to destroy poor people , and make profits for companies like Monsanto.


And besides posting, what would you suggest? Being rich by the way, does not save someone from climate change and pollution. And where would they go????