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Groups to Sue Trump's Fish & Wildlife Service After Officials Refuse Protections for Endangered Wolverines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/groups-sue-trumps-fish-wildlife-service-after-officials-refuse-protections


Another manifestation of the Trump & the right-wing’s assault on the biosphere.

Wolverines are amazing animals & highly endangered. We must do what we can to protect them.


Humans, too are amazing and now highly endangered. …

At 7.8 billion people, the world’s population has quadrupled in my lifetime. That’s BILLION, not million. Our population is already way past the carrying capacity of the earth. Climate change may get us but we still have the responsiblity to protect these wild creatures if we can. There are only 300 of these wolverines left in the world. Not sure if you are one of them, but I know people who think that humans are the only creatures worth saving.


I’d like to see Trump put in a cage with hungry wolverines.


By their own doing: overpopulating, polluting, depleting resources, overheating, developing civilization-ending weapons.

Here we go again! The party of donkeys was hijacked by republican lights. And the party of elephants was hijacked by a bunch of psychopaths. And the culmination only magnifies the trouble wolverines and really all of this planet’s living creatures are in as a result of being in the hands of “In God We Tru$t.”



Here we see the wolverines are endangered and need to be protected but over there the FBI and Michigan just arrested a bunch of them. A pack of them? A pride of them? What gives?

Barton, No. My feeling is that all of life is worth saving. In fact humans are destroying the very life support system of all life…I was just stating the reality that many people miss that “Humans are highly Endangered”… as is the Biosphere. … But you are right, one could read that statement and interpret it such that only the Humans count…

The whole premise of militias was to have a civilian force armed and ready in case of a government out of hand. But instead the militias are supporting the rogue government.
So much for constitutional protection for militias. They are NOT supporting the people, they are supporting fascism.

Unfortunately, Fascism seems much more contagious than Democracy.