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Groups Warn Against Trump Effort to Unleash 'Fracking Frenzy' by Unlocking Million+ Acres of Public Land for Drilling


Groups Warn Against Trump Effort to Unleash 'Fracking Frenzy' by Unlocking Million+ Acres of Public Land for Drilling

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Over 1 million acres of California land will be opened to fracking if Donald Trump has his way according to a plan released just hours after his administration shelved efforts to expand offshore drilling.

The president announced the plans in a draft released by the administration on Thursday afternoon. The proposal calls for opening 1,011,470 acres of public holdings in California to oil drilling and fracking.

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That POS Jerry Brown is the one who has done the most damage via fracking to California.

He supported it from “the left” when it should have been destroyed.

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No money has actually been made with fracking. It is a wall street smoke and mirrors scheme. The entire fracking industry is like the nightmare of side-tracked central planning in the old Soviet Union.


Note this coupled with sanctions being pursued against Iran ., Venezuela and Russia all Oil and gas producers. This helping to push oil prices upwards meaning the more stuff fracked the higher the price of the oil.

The US tried to get Nord Stream 2 stopped and still actively work to do this. It not because of the Crimea. It because the USA wants Europe to buy the Gas and Oil it produces.


If Warnings are the best your Groups can do with this problem, why put up the Article when no solution is ever offered?

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Sounds like typical Trump revenge against a lefty state with a lot of votes.
Also, if fracking is taking place how does it affect the San Andreas fault?


Where fracking is done doesn’t matter so much as the fact that fracking is done at all. Fracking uses billions of gallons of fresh water and pollutes it with toxic chemicals forever for the sake of extracting a few cubic feet of gas or a few barrels of oil. I can’t imagine anything as short-sighted as fracking but that’s just one among many planet/species destroying profitable activities.


Yes and at this point in time i dont suppose it wil make much difference. (Albeit to hasten the degradation of the earth)


I live in the epicenter of the “fracking frenzy”. It’s not pretty. We have been given the dubious recognition as the worst air quality in the US outside of Bakersfield, California.

As Upton Sinclair surely was thinking when he wrote his novel “Oil” (later adapted into the film 'There Will Be Blood", the oil industry is a poster-monster for capitalism - driven to insanity by the bipolar manic depressive and psychotic “invisible hand”.


Jerry supported fracking from the “fake left”.

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