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'Groveling' Before Murderous Kingdom, Trump Complains Saudis Deemed 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' Like Kavanaugh

'Groveling' Before Murderous Kingdom, Trump Complains Saudis Deemed 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' Like Kavanaugh

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As a new flurry of evidence from the Turkish government established direct ties between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and those who allegedly carried out the gruesome murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, U.S.


With the corrupted world order and sleazy politics, i’m all for guilty until proven innocent as the best way to drain the swamp.
How about guilty until proven innocent until we have fully accountable and publicly transparent political processes?

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The photo of Pwesident Twump waving a sword reminds me of an old limerick (which I hope proves prophetic):

“An unfortunate pirate named Bates
Was scuffling one day with his mates
When the swing of a cutlass
Rendered him nutless
And practically useless on dates.”


Contrast this with the US and Western nations reaction to alleged Skripal poisoning of a person in the United Kingdom which they claimed, without evidence, was the work of Russia.

Sanctions were immediately demanded and applied. Evidence and proof was not required or even desired.


If sanctions indeed applied by any Western Nation due to this murder it would only display the hyprocrisy of those States when they look the other way as Children murdered by the Saudi’s in Yemen.

Indeed the outrage expressed by the Media in the west over this killing of a Journalist has me wondering why there not the same outrage expressed when those Palestinian Journalists singled out and executed by the Israeli Military.

There a whole lot of groveling to Israel that goes on , yet little of the same concern.


I bet growing up, the trump kids got away with EVERYTHING! No dad, I don’t know who broke the window…No dad, I didn’t wreck the car…No dad, the lamp was like that when I got here…

He seems to trust everyone who he feels close to.

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Chump sez: “I think we have to find out what happened first.”

OK. Then what’s ‘second’?


Arrrr, mate! Good on ya! :skull_and_crossbones: Skullduggery at the consulate! (And the usual at the Orange White House.)
*They’ve gotta go, soon!

Here’s Moon of Alabama on the whole sordid affair. Hint, it will be covered up and forgotten forthwith.




The reason Trump complains about guilty until proven innocent is that he knows that he is so guilty that he will never be proven innocent!


Yea, what hypocrisy. And imagine if Khashoggi were murdered here in the United States by a person? The trumpists would be screaming for the death penalty or some severe punishment - you know - law and order. Unfortunately, their “law and order” is only for the poor or minorities. They are all hypocrites and they seem to play a big role in a hypocritical world.


We have still not dealt with the murders of prisoners at Guantanamo: https://harpers.org/archive/2010/03/the-guantanamo-suicides/

there is so much blood running down the hands of the american republic it is incapable of providing justice in the real world.


True. The most corrupt, men with the most gold, make the laws and determine the order. When they say law and order they mean their laws and their order.

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We still have remnants of feudalism in existence. You know- the samurai class.

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Well, out Here in the real America, we is 10000% MAGA and we believe
what Mr Trump, Our President Chose By God, said. He said “there is Good
People on Both sides” and I believe that too, unless the other Side is

Now I am sure that most of them Arab People who went to meet
Mr Kassihoggi was good People and bringing a bone Saw on a visit don’t
prove nothing. Maybe he just waned to trim some trees and do some yard work to help out? You NEVER know!

We need to remember that our MAGA SUVs need gasoline if
we is going get to our MAGA Rallies and to Church and our Proud Boy meetings, so we need to give them Arabian Saudians some time to get there story all straight because
there ain’t no hurry since he is dead already. Amen.

Again !!!


Amen brother. ain’t that saudi arabia down in the pacific ocean somewhere? Our good lord and savior has given us Mr. Donald to save our country from the dangers of illegal immigrants and people with educations that think they know it all. Well, I gotta get back into the coal mine and dig some more coal up for the Donald.

You know - I mighta voted for that Martin Sheen guy since he served all those years in the oval office. But he never ran like Mr. Trump who had that apprentice show.


I’m not happy overall with the MSM, but both CNN and MSNBC have covered the crimes in Yemen by the Saudi’s in the last two weeks, they have begun to mention Climate Change lately.
Who knows how long this will continue, but if it does, it is a little late, but it’s a start.

The idiot of orange (and pathological liar) sez “he does not want to walk away from Saudi Arabia despite ongoing concerns about Khashoggi’s disappearance, arguing the US relies on the kingdom in the fight against “terrorism”.”

News flash! The Saudi’s are a prime example of terrorism, in Yemen, against their own people, as well as the pre-meditated assassination / murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside their embassy!

The explanation that trumps needs the Saudis for buying arms in the $110 Billion arms deal, that also provide jobs born in blood from the US arms industry, as well as other purchases…he denies he “has ties to the Saudis” - surprise, surprise - his financial involvement with the kingdom is large, he has had, and continues to have, many financial connections and dealings to the Saudis,…truth and accuracy was never his strong suit (even his weak suit) - he sold his 282 foot $200 million yacht to the Saudis - interestingly the yacht was built for Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi - trump bought the yacht for $29 million (supposedly). His ties to the kingdom run deep…

“He who sups with the devil should carry a long spoon”

This is what the rich do-never admit guilt. The indoctrination of the COMMON people is to “man up”, tell us what you did. I see this on cop shows all the time----“you need to man up” and when you tell the truth they arrest you. And if you are part of the elite like Brett Kavanaugh being in a bar fight is called “throwing ice” at another patron.

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Then there is Chuckie Todd-----the reason for some of this messaging is the election. But when they say there is a Kavanaugh effect it is total BS. Even the polling shows most people have no opinion on Kavanaugh effecting their vote. Republicans always start to get interested in mid-terms as the election gets near–unlike democrats.

MSNBC is playing a role in framing the election------and they are playing a role in keeping turn out down. The other day Chuckie Todd all but called the Senate race in North Dakota saying Heitkamp can’t win-----they-commentators on MSNBC have said the same about O’Rourke in Texas. Yes comment on the races----but polls are a snapshot of that moment—and as we all know polls can be wrong----and there are three weeks left-anything can happen.