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'Grow Up, Do Your Job, End This Shutdown': Federal Workers Hold Massive DC Rally Against Trump


'Grow Up, Do Your Job, End This Shutdown': Federal Workers Hold Massive DC Rally Against Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Federal workers, government contractors, and the unions that represent them rallied in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to pressure President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to end the ongoing government shutdown, which is just days away from becoming the longest in U.S. history.


This manufactured crisis is highlighting just how important is the common good. We pool resources to provide necessary services–a really good argument for a socialist system to stop these predations against people and planet unless you don’t like public roads, education, postal services, emergency services, etc. etc.

This is just one example.


Then there is the threat of cutting off food aid to low income people.


IIt’s time to stop humoring this spoiled motherfucker. At one time or another a brat needs to be spanked and the man-infant is way overdue. Surely there is someway to just circumvent the little shit to the sidelines and take matters into our own hands to get these hardworking folks the pay they are due. Look, Trump views his position as POTUS as a way to throw his weight around and enrich himself. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything that doesn’t personally benefit himself. Chris Hedges has enlightened us as to what the super rich are like and he says he can’t even be in their presence because they are so selfish and self entitled. There must be a way we can do with Trump, Pence, McConnal, and their 0.01% backers like our bodily immune system does with bacteria like staphylococcus and that is isolate them in a cyst and forget about them as the potential infection they are. Just fucking isolate them from humanity and start over. If these parasites are isolated from humanity their money becomes as worthless as they are. Fuck em.


Yes, it is manufactured- but remember the uber wealthy jerks live in gated communities with private roads, schools, security and probably fire and police. They do not give a rat’s A about the rest of us- and that is what Dump is catering to- let the uber wealthy live on Mars. Another hypocrisy- congress and their aids are getting paid , and they also got raises!


" A president who shuts down government in order to get his way on a controversial issue, such as building a wall along the border with Mexico, offering to reopen it as a concession when his opponents give in, is not protecting the means of democracy. He is treating the government of the United States as a bargaining chip. He is asserting power by any means possible. This is the method of a dictator. "

" A president who claims he has ‘an absolute right’ to order the military to take actions in the US that are the subject of intense political debate, and do so ‘without congressional approval’, is not acting as the head of government of a democracy; he is assuming the role of a dictator. "


It’s time for Trump to experience his own Waterloo.


Can D.C. tourist citizens dine in the Senate dining room? If they can , maybe they can take it over and not allow the senators to eat—you know like having to live as the 800,000 employees and their families are living. Perhaps, some of those in the Senate would be forced out into the real world to eat and have to mingle( oh horrors) with their own citizens. It would be good for them. : )


Abuse Of Power.



The angst, real or not, voiced by some in the US government and elsewhere about the impact of the partial government shutdown on the “American people” is at best laughable, at worst hypocritical. Who exactly is being harmed?

Certainly not those at the highest levels of the Executive and Congressional branches.

Some federal employees are having to work for no pay, or not work at all. In all those cases, they will not be paid. That is a created travesty, a choice by those who have power and are not being affected at all.

If I were to be snarky, I’d point out to those with power and those federal employees and contractors being harmed that “welcome to the world of the working poor, the homeless, the elderly…”. It has been their state for decades, missing rent or mortgage payments, and in many cases being evicted; having to make a choice between shelter, food or medication because they can’t afford more than one at a time; in some cases, dying.

When those in power (government), whether the government is partially or completely functional at any given time, chose to not do anything or do something which harms others, and then turns a blind eye to the consequences of their choices, the situation is no longer laughable or hypocritical, it is criminal, unethical, malicious.

The trillions wasted on illegal military operations; climate change denial; violation of international and domestic law required by the Constitution; lack of universal health care, comprehensive immigration reform, infrastructure repair, a living wage, and numerous other much needed social programs have been and continue to harm millions of people who reside in the US whether they are citizens or not.

Those in power, regardless of political affiliation, have failed and continue to fail the “American people”.

The question now is, “what will you do about it?”


The article makes a good argument about means and ends but it isn’t just Russia–we have Saudi Arabia and Israel and how captive our government is to them and they are doing so openly.


We can perhaps organize picket lines outside of tRump hotels asking people not to stay there? And boycott Adelson casinos at the same time.



Massive exit from the Duopoly roles is a good start that sends a message to the elites.

Widespread interest in creating, joining, and supporting a People’s Party not beholding to Military or Corporate interests, would be our 2nd step.

Only people, not necessarily politicians, devoted to voicing their support of the masses, need apply.


Some good guitar for intermission…


Where’s the buttered popcorn?


Any volunteers here to start a Revolution?


Excuse me- but this is not entertainment- also debatiing


Continued- this is not entertainment- these people are working and not being paid- period. Would you work ( unless you were a volunteer) without pay? I doubt it. What I don’t get is why can’t workers be paid while the two sides squabble like a couple of old hens? Call your member of congress and demand to know why they are being paid and other workers are not. I did. I did not get a straight answer but did get a chance to tell the aid that they were all hypocrits. Debating and issuing “cute” slogans and films will not get you anywhere.


PS- No one is going to start a real revolution - in this country with over three hundred million guns that would be very violent. If you are talking about social justice reform that is another matter entirely.


Millions of people are effected by this shutdown and lots of businesses too. .


We have tried everything else and nothing has worked to stop Trump and his Thugs. Very Violent is the only thing we Should have been doing since day one. What the hell do we have to lose at this point when this fucker has destroyed everything and is at fault for our coming Planetary Extinction. Still want to use peaceful debates?