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'Grow Up, Do Your Job, End This Shutdown': Federal Workers Hold Massive DC Rally Against Trump


It’s time now to apply pressure to the GOP Senators, and dump this mess in their laps. The house needs to send the bill (without border wall money) to the Senate. If they pass it, send it to Trump, if he refuses to sign, override with veto, done. If the Senate refuses to pass, or Trump tries his BS emergency stunt, be prepared to but it in their laps in the media. The house can shut down the emergency BS.


The Trump family and supporters (including his base, Fox and Breitbart, etc.) should be sent to the border and given water pistols to defend it. That would be far more effective than his blasted wall, or steel slats.

I’ve seen suggestions of a wall of kittens or ferns, though they wouldn’t deserve that kind of abuse – but the Trump empire does deserve it.


Trump got the media to give him time to reassure his base that “Wall” means “White Supremacy” and they need to allow any carnage Trump decides to make sure they restore America to the white male residents like in the old Confederacy. What he did not tell them is that Pompeo is global working with Dictators to money launder their nations leaving sheeple without ability to live.


I like ms. Kleins description of the president of the u s of a.


Listen, this has nothing to do with people not getting paid and working. That is enslavement. Let the sides talk but get the people paid!


While you all talk about wall and racism , people are working and not getting paid. These are two different issues.


Not one word about the almost million workers who are not getting paid. That is the crisis. The wall??? Let the idiots debate, but get the people paid. One thing has nothing to do with the other!


I noticed none of the protesters were asking the democRATs to end the shutdown… that would be easier.
$5 billion for a wall is a lot cheaper than $348 billion supporting a bunch of alien parasites and predators!


I’m guessing you’re OK that we spent $21 TRILLION (that’s only what the Pentagon can’t or won’t account for) supporting a bunch of domestic parasites and predators—like Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin etc. Then there’s Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Insurance…a LOT of hands in your pocket, Bubba, and none of them brown. Grow a sense of proportion, won’t you?


Workers who are not getting paid should walk off the job, starting with Secret Service. It would be a shame if anything happened to Trump in the meantine, but that’s a risk we’ll have to take.

TSA agents should also walk off the job, nationwide, en masse, during the middle of the week when Senators and Congresspeople are in DC. The shutdown would be ended within hours.


Ha! In a nutshell, Ms. Klein summarizes Trump the Klump: claiming he is the “political equivalent” of fatberg – the congealed lump of fat and sanitary products currently blocking London’s sewers.

Thank you, Dove. Nothing else is better!


I really fear a terrible airline accident, though I hope my fear is ill-founded.


However the bill gets passed, they get paid (except contract employees), and go back to work with no wall.


No pay? Then don’t bloody well work!


Contract employees need to be paid as well.


I agree- people who are not being paid should not work, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. The shut down needs to end period- then talks can continue.


Easier said than done, but at least they should protest instead of lying down. Is there also a no strike clause- and what are the unions doing?


Defense industries that design and build the best military hardware in the world are not parasites… you must be a leftist because you don’t seem to be able to use a dictionary!


What a together band and I love the bass player.


If people wouldn’t hire illegals they wouldn’t come so fast to the border. If the dems were hell bent on encasing us with a wall, shame on them too.