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'Grow Up, Do Your Job, End This Shutdown': Federal Workers Hold Massive DC Rally Against Trump


This whole wall nonsense shows the horror of the stupidity of Middle America. The wall idea is nonsense, it will not change anything. Middle America doesn’t mind it if the human race becomes extinct because of their stupidity.


You are another Middle American moron. The human race will become extinct because of people like you.


Pelosi should give a date for the Senate and president to pass these republican bills to open the government-----if they don’t act Pelosi should pull the bills and pass a democratic oriented bill —MAYBE ATTACHING HR1.


Pelosi has done an excellent job, the Democratic caucus has stayed in line. Credit where it is due, right? Trump and McConnell—who is trying to avoid the limelight—look like the assholes they are. The Republicans had two years to dredge up money to build a wall and it is obvious they are protecting a peevish president from his own mess. Of course, I think they’d do him a favor by just opening the government and helping him climb out.