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Growing a Spine? Senate Dems May Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination


Growing a Spine? Senate Dems May Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination

Nika Knight, staff writer

After weeks of outcry and public calls for Senate Democrats to "grow a spine" and filibuster President Donald Trump's right-wing Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, Democrats finally appear to be listening.


The Democrats should stop this vote as long as trump and co are under investigation. An illegitimate president appoints an illegitimate SCOTUS!

DELAY THE VOTE until the investigation clears Trump!!!


If Democrats were growing a spine, they would have refused to take up Gorsuch's nomination as the Republicans did with Garland. Smoke and mirrors.

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Calling all Don and Donna Quixote's!! The mission is impossible and your failure (along with that of your party's) is guaranteed. However, we Americans are an easily bored bunch and love the spectacle of a good fight. Let the fur fly as the Liberal-Progressive vision crashes and burns like the Dirigible Hindenburg.


Democrats should filibuster Gorsuch, and if the Republicans go nuclear, so be it.


Okay democrats, now roll over...
That's a good democrat.
Thank you for confirming the torture-friendly, corporate-friendly, women's-rights-unfriendly Neil Gorsuch.
Now democrats, beg...
Good democrats.
Would you like a treat?
Yes, go ahead and chase that porcupine...
Oh, poor democrats, you got stuck again.

Nope, you just can't teach an old democrat new tricks.
And the voters never learn either as they elect the same corporate-friendly democrats and republicans over and over and over...

[My apologies if I have insulted the intelligence of dogs. But dogs are obedient, just like democrats are to their corporate masters.]


In addition to it being very important to defeat Gorsuch for his radical right-wing rulings he'd make on the Supreme Court, defeating him would also defeat the radical right-wing nominees' preferred tactic of playing 'neutral' in hearings.

They're convinced that the way for the radical right-wing Federalist Society nominees to get approved is to just say n hearings how they will follow the law and refuse any other comments - then rule as a radical.

If Gorsuch is approved, it will validate that tactic.


The Republicans insisted that one year was not nearly enough time to hold hearings and a vote on a SCOTUS nominee. The also insisted that they would not, under any circumstances, allow a hearing on ANY nominee made by HRC. The court does not need 9, or 8, or 7, or 6 sitting judges, they told us. The Dems should embrace this position and make it perfectly clear that they will not support a hearing or a vote for ANY nominee made by this administration - period.

The old adage of “where the people lead, the leaders will follow” appears to explain how reality is beginning to dawn on Sen Schumer. As always, better late than never - even latecomers are welcome on the bandwagon.

P.S. - I thought any senator could place a ‘HOLD’ on a nomination, preventing a vote. Does this not apply to high court nominations or is there simply a lack of stones on the part of Dems?


I don't believe it for a second. Mr. Schumer is hedging to keep his reputation intact, just in case. My belief is that there will be an almost certain purging of the deadbeat, free-loader, corporate proxy shills, like him (and the 2-Clintons, etc.), who belligerently hold onto their paychecks and full-coverage government healthcare while climate catastrophe and nuclear powerplant meltdowns, look imminent. He (and the others) would have to apologize on national media for their long, long past of neglect and betrayal of us working people, our planet and our desire for peace over the criminal consumptive behaviors of the corporatist 1%.

All of these Schumer types can only raise their honorability ratings by teaming-up to stop, not Trump, he's just the posterboy for the neo-fascist movement. No! (There's Pence and Ryan and worse waiting in the wings). All of the dishonorable Dems, who talk a big talk, must drop everything "political" and hit the streets with us! Period. Period. Period. Not just for the photo op. No. MUST BE - All in or get hell away from me! lol.


It's called "choosing sides." Whether it's posturing or sincere sentiment remains to be seen. But the voters are watching and legislators are well aware of it. We'll see a lot more of taking a stand on issues, as all of it goes on the resumes of those concerned about their next reelection.

What will be interesting is that many legislators are in for a surprise when they find that they have to rearrange their campaign biases after all these Trumpers see the light.


In addtion to their other losses across the board, Democrats also failed to take control of the Senate, so that move is off of the table.

Even if they would have had the guts to pull it off.


I recall the reply I got from my right wing Democratic Senator when I asked him to place a hold on the Roberts and Alito nominations. He informed me that they were good moderate choices and that he would be voting yes on their confirmations. I expect the same this time around.


It's not guts politicians lack so much as campaign "contributions".

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The truth of Gorsuch's legal mind and who/what he really serves is revealed by the overturning of one of his decisions - likely most all others in his record are likewise narrow and serve big-money and power above most else!.

His is a generations-long threat to America - the nuts don't fall far from the tree! Since the GOP refused to give a highly qualified nominee in Merrick Garland a hearing or any personal respect or to the law and our nation - only play rigid destructive right-wing politics - they deserve zero respect and should be given none, especially by quisling Dems - "grow a spine"? - not bloody likely!