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Growing Momentum to End For-Profit Immigration Detention


Growing Momentum to End For-Profit Immigration Detention

Ghita Schwarz

Each year, 400,000 immigrants enter the immigration detention system, charged not with crimes but with civil violations of immigration law. Few have lawyers. The Obama Administration has deported more than 2 million immigrants, more than any president in history. At an annual cost of $2.2 billion per year, immigration detention is the fastest-growing component of the U.S.


An excuse for commerce, not to mention Justice hardly gets uglier than this:

"Private companies like Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group benefit from both well-known legislation and less-visible contractual arrangements. First, the federal detention bed quota, a provision in the annual appropriations bill, requires the funding of 34,000 detention beds per day. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has interpreted this provision to require that these beds be filled. Second, ICE has allowed private prison corporations to negotiate “guaranteed minimums” in local contracts, which require ICE to pay for beds in private facilities even if they are unfilled."


Private systems will no doubt sue the governmnet for breach of contract unless the US and State Governments provide more prisoners to the system. Many of these contracts call for a mandatory 90 percent beds filled where the onus on the government to fill those beds.


Unshackled United States military terrorism is driving people north into Europe and North America. Germany with a declining population appears pleased. The US labels those herded north by endless war on drugs etc to be illegals. That way corporations can hire pre-stigmatized illegals cheaper than higher priced non-illegal citizens who are not even close to having super-citizen corporate status.