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Growing Opposition Forces EU into 'Humiliating Climbdown' on CETA


Growing Opposition Forces EU into 'Humiliating Climbdown' on CETA

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Signaling more trouble ahead for the maligned EU-Canada trade deal known as CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), the European Commission on Tuesday "performed a startling U-turn" in announcing that national parliaments would have to ratify the pact.

As Politico's European bureau pointed out:


CETA is going down, next is the TTIP, and we in the US must force the death of the TPP and its “fast track” blackmailed status pushed by the corporate shill Obama & Co in league with R’Cons!

TPP is a Trojan Horse of vast proportions written and negotiated in secret by corporate principles and lobbyists with the direct collusion and involvement of both Obama and HRC - any confusion on whether she supports the TPP should be immediately extinguished - she does and will, if “elected”, reverse course and promote the corporate take-over faster than she can concoct the lie rationalizing her about-face!

Only 5 of the 29 chapters even have anything to do with “free” or any other kind of trade - the rest are mechanisms to cement the power of corporate interests over nations to profit whether the nation wants them or not.



If this makes these corporate grabs for the testicals of the governments of the signers then this derangement will be worth it.


Hurrah! Some weeks ago there were demonstrations all over Europe, 23 in the Netherlands, and the media ignored us. Perhaps now they’ll be brave enough to join the fight against “big business” aka the oligarchy with its branches in Brussels, London, New York and Washington.


Finally - something I can agree with HRC! Let’s hope she’s right and they both fail.


Thank god!

These pretend “Free-Trade” agreements are anything but.

They are Big-Gov/Big-Bus Racketeering designed to monopolize all commerce against the worker and against small business.

TPP will average the US workers pay with near-slave labor in the Orient. Many years ago, I voted for Ross Perot to stop the Bush/Clinton Crime Families from destroying America for their personal gain:

But those two crime families just never get tired of trying to destroy Main Street.



NEXT, we must get rid of the dangerous, anti-peace gang called NATO!!!


Hilary is John Hilary from War on Want NOT Hillary Clinton who absolutely supports these neoliberal trade deals.


Interesting contrast.

  • On the one side the people here are opposed to TIPP, CETA, TPP, CAFTA, NAFTA, etc. because corporations profit from them, and because our governments put aside some of their sovereignty for the sake of uniform treatment of business across borders.
    – much like (substantially) exists between the U.S. states…
  • On the other side, many of the articles here are strongly against Brexit. But joining the EU is very similar to joining NAFTA; in joining you are fostering free trade, approving of corporate cross-border profit, and you are giving up some of your sovereignty to bureaucrats and commissions that in practice don’t answer to the people, and treat people as “little people” who can be ignored.
    – shouldn’t we celebrate when people take back their rights?


Well, yes, I know that six huge media conglomerates are owned by six families/people, but every once in a great while even the NY Times and the W Post find space for an honest piece of journalism. Too little, agreed, but perhaps not too late. And over here in Europe, there are still some independent news sources. That helped the British to vote to get out.
If the US had something like the BBC or the national tv in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, there wouldn’t be so many dismally ignorant Americans.


I’m so old I remember when the CBC did in-depth news reporting. They would give background information on an issue and try to cover it in detail. Now it’s just sound bites and/or two competing talking heads to give an illusion of balance.


Are we three elderly radicals who can’t give up, no matter how much the battle demands? I tell people I’ve been on the “right side” of the Atlantic: Jewish in Massachusetts during the Shoah, no son in Holland to give to VietNam, but now I wish I were back in the country and could do more than donate. Imagine being young enough to go to Philadelphia! One of my grandsons was involved in Occupy, and he’s so proud he was arrested. (He’s MY grandson.)


Ironically these discussions of trade deals do not take into account how much they are dependent on the ability of shipping the transport the goods from producer to consumer. The 90000 container vessels are using up the limited fuel oil an an unsustainable rate. So trade globalization is doomed and the trade deals will become meaningless in the near future. Those smart societies promoting localization will not suffer the dire consequences of the irrational decisions the powerful make without understanding realities.