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Guac The Vote: When Demagoguery Backfires


Guac The Vote: When Demagoguery Backfires

After a Latino Trump supporter - oxymoron alert - warned America would soon sport "taco trucks on every corner," the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and several insulted, ingenious Hispanic groups decided all those threatening trucks should add voter registration to their menus in preparation for "the ultimate Taco Tuesday" - Election Day. The Guac the Vote campaign also wants to park trucks outside polling places in all 50 states; says one enthusiast, "Donald Trump, meet your undoing!"


Pure genius!


Pure genius…It really is…


It would appear that there are many intelligent citizens in this country – Stein & Baraka might have a chance yet!


That’s very clever, remember “rock the vote?”. Now everybody, go buy some tacos!