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Guantanamo Interrogator Also Tortured Suspects as Chicago Detective: The Guardian


Guantanamo Interrogator Also Tortured Suspects as Chicago Detective: The Guardian

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former Guantánamo Bay official Richard Zuley, who led "one of the most shocking acts of torture ever conducted" at the military prison, spent 25 years as a notoriously brutal Chicago detective, a new investigation by the Guardian published Wednesday has revealed.


Just where is this guy right now? That info seems to be missing from the article but Zuley sounds like someone who is either in line for a promotion to Chicago Police Commissioner, or perhaps a federal appointment. Happy Year of the Rahm!


It would be nice to know exactly where this vile thug is - i.e. his address…


I just wonder how those insane persons got the jobs. They certainly possess deep psychological problems. It is surprising that during their tenure no one ever noticed it. That’s hard to believe. This torture game and Guantanamo are the bad scurr to this nation. What is it? It’s a civilized society where we live. It’s great shame to all of this entire universe also. It is happening here when we talk all the time about human rights. That appears to be a real joke. What’s the difference between IS and the torturers of Guantanamo. Sincerely I don’t find any difference at all.


People such as this rise quickly because they get results. With the police and the courts in an adversary relationship with the defense and the accused,
tow outcomes are possible - the pursuit of justice will be vigorous and fair; or the pursuit of a conviction will be vigorous. In Chicago, and likely elsewhere, recent
developments have come to light, wherein those who fight unjust convictions, have themselves been corrupt(ed by the process).


It is not a civilized society that we live in. I’m surprised they actually found a cop guilty of perjury. How did that happen? I know of at least 2 that have lied on the stand. Would love to see justice done there, but know it will never happen because the entire system is corrupt.


Well, the Third Reich had its SA and its Gestapo.

  • The US Fourth Reich has its cops to perform the same or similar functions.
  • When the people are sufficiently intimidated to no longer protest, but just do what they are told, it will be “mission accomplished.”