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Guardian Escalates Its Vilification of Julian Assange

Guardian Escalates Its Vilification of Julian Assange

Jonathan Cook

It is welcome that finally there has been a little pushback, including from leading journalists, to the Guardian’s long-running vilification of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

From the article:

“The emotional impact of the Guardian story is to suggest that Assange is responsible for four years or more of Trump rule.”

No one is more responsible for Twump than Hillary Clinton—who, in her towering hubris and sense of entitlement, aided and abetted his campaign as the candidate she couldn’t possibly lose to. The Guardian appears to be committed to supporting the Clinton-is-blameless narrative, for reasons I can’t fathom.

Tragically, Assange—not to mention independent journalism in general—is an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire between two of the most odious public figures on the world stage. Shame on the Guardian for its rank partisanship and for its reckless disregard for truth.


R U familiar with The Atlantic Council mentioned in the article? If you can’t fathom why The Guardian is 110% " all in " on Hillary, check out the roster of players on that organiztion, please.
Then, go back and look at the relationships in and around the NSA & Sec.of State:-- The Alphabets and NGOs. Dating back to the late 1970’s should suffice.
BTW- A large board with a connect-the-dots capability is quite helpful, too. Just sayin’.

The Republicans have their rags, too.
The point isn’t whose rag it is, who is on a side, who is on both sides, et al. The question is why there are so many clean ups ongoing? And, rags also come in very handy; for cleaning up messes from overreaching, hubris and just plain and blatant sloppiness. On a very large scale, as this writer Mr. Cook so eloquently explains, here.

It appears the Guardian story entirely fabricated. Now the question becomes not whether or not the story true as it appears not to be true at all but WHY did the Guardian feel fit to publish this and at whose direction?


In an attempt to explore why the Guardian would resort to such tactics I came across this article suggesting that the Journalist in question has a history of this and works on behalf of M16 as alluded to by Jonathan Cook.



As always Jon, you’re a light in the ever deepening darkness.
On an earlier CD post a commentator called this most recent
attack by the Guardian on Assange: “Spook Puke.”
Just to share a smile.

When proclaimed critics of the ruling class and their courtiers conflate malevolence with “mistakes”, they undermine a narrative necessary to truly challenge their power.

Your vitriol towards the Democratic Party members is beyond incoherent, it’s a toxic swamp of one-sided hate mongering, pretty much.
But you’re consistent. Consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds. Understand that?

This link isn’t new, but it’s still true. Will people here start defending Mercer, too?

(deleted as pointless)

The Guardian, NYTs, etc. are good for knowing our enemies, i.e being aware of the propaganda that the MSM spews, some news of natural disasters, and, (maybe) finding new recipes. Reading this Guardian article with the slightest amount of critical thinking must lead one to question its veracity.

At first I just thought you was yet another deluded American regarding brexit, yet now when you say things like if the UK leaves the EU it will be bombed, and that Jeremy Corbyn is working for oligarchs (whoever they are) I’m beginning to suspect it might be worse than that and you’re actually mentally ill.

Have you invited your souldmate Nigel Farage round to tea yet?

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Good job Guardian finally douchebag and Putin stooge is called for what he is

Alright Rainy, thanks for the flag. I probably have enough by now to put bunting all over my house, Very pretty!

Sorry, I didn’t realise yould popped into the UK for a short while and spoke to some crazy person, and that now makes you an expert on on all things EU, Corbyn and Britain, more than me whose only lived here for 50 years. How silly of me. But glad to see you actually paid heed to one of my previous posts and got the name of the country right this time, saying Brits instead of Engish, so my posts weren’t totally wasted. Have fun with Nigel.

Very good Rainy. Like I said, not for me to educate you about brexit, too busy, I tried a little, I sent a link, explained how it ls the far-right, Thatcherites who engineered it, Trump’s mate Farage and co, your guest for tea, yet got no reply, instead just crazy, poorly informed stuff, that reveal a lack of awareness which I rightly satirised, that is, took the piss off, and then it got even more crazy saying things like the UK will be bombed by the EU if it tries to leave and brexit is all about Ukraine. No point debating someone who thinks stuff like that. Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for all the flags.

And snowflake isn’t associated with the right wing here, it’s just a general term picked up from the general media used in many contexts. You need to lose some of that US-centric mindset you have. .